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Pirate Operators Fined

Mike Terry of the British DX Club sends me the following:

Old pirates never give up!!


RA Press Release - 04 October 2000

A Stalybridge man has been fined 250 plus 750 costs after being convicted
of broadcasting on the unlicensed radio station - known as both Diamond FM
and Oxygen FM - in the Stalybridge area.

Fifty six year old Michael John Chapman of Darnton Road in Stalybridge
pleaded guilty at Tameside Magistrates Court on 11 September to a charge of
unlicensed use of radio equipment for unlicensed broadcasting under
section1(1) of the Wireless Telegraphy Act 1949. He was sentenced in the
same court on 2 October.

On 30 January 2000 following an anonymous tip off, officers of the
Radiocommunications Agency monitored unauthorised broadcasts on 106.5 MHz in
the VHF broadcast band.

During the next few months it emerged that the illegal station transmitted
occasionally and with no regular pattern, and the transmissions were traced
to Mr Chapman's home address.

Under the authority of a search warrant Radiocommunications Agency officers
entered Mr Chapman's home on 23 June where radio broadcast equipment was
found and seized as evidence.

Mr Chapman was in breach of a conditional discharge for a similar offence.
All seized equipment was ordered forfeit by the court.

From Mike Terry (BDXC-UK)

The above information may only be reproduced if full credit is given to
the original contributor AND to the British DX Club (BDXC-UK).

DX Information from the British DX Club (BDXC-UK).


RA Press Release - 06 October 2000

A Slough man has been fined 250 and ordered to pay costs of 500 for his
involvement with a pirate radio station after appearing at Maidenhead
Magistrates court on Monday 3 October 2000.

Daniel Swan of Long Reading Lane, Slough was convicted for unlicensed
broadcasting of the pirate radio station Rinse FM. He pleaded guilty to
offences under Section 1 of the Wireless Telegraphy Act 1949. Equipment
seized by the Radiocommunications Agency was ordered forfeit by the court.

On 10 May officers of the Radiocommunications Agency traced broadcast by
Rinse FM to premises in Long Reading Lane, Slough. During this
investigation, the Radiocommunications Agency had received complaints of
Aircraft Interference, which was attributable to Rinse FM. Any disruption to
safety of life services is very serious and with the assistance of police
the Agency entered the premises and seized equipment to resolve the

Mike Terry ( British DX Club)

The above information may only be reproduced if full credit is given to
the original contributor AND to the British DX Club (BDXC-UK)

Here are some London pirate listings from Steve Black in Hoddleston (24 altogether!) from Communication (British DX Club)  

87.5 Bashment FM 10/7 (Drum & Base)

87.9 Shine FM 7/7

88.2 Rude FM 24/6 (Hardcore)

88.6 Devine FM 10/7

89.8 Station FM 24/6

90.6 Mission FM 20/7

91.6 Genesis 12/7

91.8 Passion FM 7/7 Dance

92.3 Deja Vu 26/6 (Shouts)

92.9 Climax FM 7/7

94.00 Pure FM 7/7 (Dance)

94.3 Sounds FM 24/6 (Hardcore)

94.5 Kool FM 11/7 (Dance)

95.5 Live FM 7/7 (Shouts)

96.0 Soul 96 7/7 (Soul)

98.2 GFM 10/7 (Soul)

99.3 Upfront FM 7/7 Garage

99.6 Ragga FM 16/7

101.3 Erotic FM 16/7

101.8 Freek FM 12/7

102.4 Origin FM 12/7 (House)

104.0 Eruption FM 8/7

104.6 Time FM 9/7

108.0 Freek Radio FM 24/6  

(Steve Black in Hoddleston from Communication (British DX Club)  )

Free Radio News From around the UK

From Gary Hogg, Jamie LeBrand  and
British DX Club members,Tom Read and Ian Kelly.

North West England & Ireland Gary Hogg reports from The Fylde Coast

London is also featured

See also Merseyside

Other contributions welcome:

North West England & Ireland

4th September 99

Liverpool Pirate Radio heard with a weak signal on 4.09.99.

FM stations heard here are :

Sound FM (105.9),
Pulse (106.4) from Merseyside and
Planet 107 (107.0) from Blackpool.

Also heard some Irish stations last weekend including :
Radio Dublin (100.0),
KISS FM (105.8),
Energy 106 (106.6) and
The Irish Mix (106.7).

On Medium Wave from Ireland, Radio Star Country seems to be putting out a much better signal on 981kHz.  Nothing has been heard from UCB on 549 or Radio North on 846 for several months.

Gary Hogg


Gary Hogg reports from the Fylde Coast (Nr. Blackpool Lancs.)

Sound FM were heard on 105.7MHz for one weekend, then seem to have moved
up to 105.8.  Perhaps they were a bit close to Century.  Not heard
anything else here from Merseyside over the past few weeks.

Phantom FM have been heard again during the past week on 107.0MHz from
the Lancaster area.  They are possibly student at the University judging
by the comments heard.  The signal is quite reasonable here with an
outside aerial (15 miles away).  Music seems to be mainly dance type and

High pressure has brought FM signals in from Eire this week.  Pirate
stations heard include Radio Dublin (100.0), KISS FM Dublin (105.8),
Vibe FM Dublin(106.4) and Energy 106 (Monaghan - the strongest)
(106.6).  A friend heard some other stations on a trip to West Scotland
on Monday, including Radio North (Donegal)(103.9), Energy 106 (106.6 and
107.7), KISS FM Dundalk (106.0) and Tyrone Community Radio (107.4

Some of the Dublin stations are closing at the end of June in order to
try for one of the 6 licenses on offer, so it may be the last chance to
hear some in their present form.

(Gary Hogg, Poulton Le Fylde)

May 99

Gary Hogg in Poulton Le Fylde logged the following stations over the May Bank Holiday Weekend.

Stations heard over the Bank Holiday weekend were Sound FM (Monday afternoon and evening) 106.1 but very weak compared with the previous Sunday, and a station called Genie FM on 106.2MHz. I've heard Genie FM before at odd times, but it is almost all continuous music with a couple of announcements, usually near the end of the transmission. There signal was quite good here in Lancashire.

There was an FM lift on though, and several stations were heard from Ireland were heard including

100.0 Radio Dublin

102.2 Unidentified Dance music

105.8 KISS FM (Dublin)

106.1 Undientified Dance Music

106.4 Vibe FM (Dublin)

106.6 Energy 106 (Monaghan)

106.8 The Irish Mix (Dublin)

Also heard was former Radio Nova deejay Declan Meehan on Today FM, the National Commercial station - they were heard on 100.9 and 101.4MHz.

Gary Hogg



Hey Concept.

Below please find details about the UK's only dedicated HipHop station and remember stay tuned. We will let you know of the frequency in the near future.

Chillin'FM broadcast area extends from the Thames down to Bromley in the south, and across to Brixton. An area which is home to around 524,000 Londoners.

Chillin'FM is the UK only Hip Hop station and will focus specifically on playing an ORIGINAL mix of Hip Hop muisc, Jazz-Funk and Break Beats. This format will set Chillin'FM aside from existing radio stations available in the area.

Chillin'FM targets 16 to35 years olds, with a ORIGINAL mix of music, and a range of loacl features which will offer something for almost every listener.

Chillin'FM has a new sound with fresh voices, ensuring that Chillin'FM plays the best music, yet also keeps the listener in touch with events as they happen in London.

Chillin'FM music policy is demand led, so we move with the trends, and play the Hip Hop music people in London want to hear. There will always be a wide variety of music, ensuring the listener never gets bored.

Chillin'FM are offering a different perspective on Hip Hop music and have already proved to be a real alternative to the other London 'rave' stations.

Many thanks,

Jamie Lybrand

DX Information from the British DX Club.

A trip to London on 2/1/99 revealed that even more pirates in the capital and the Home Counties are utilising RDS on FM:-

Freq StationID PI-Code Format
88.4  _ICE_FM_  (PICode:1234)  House Music
90.2 MAGIC_FM (PI code:1234) House Music
92.05  POWERJAM  (PIcode:578A) Reggae Music
99.3  UPFRONT_  (PIcode:6944) House Music
100.3  RINSE_FM  (PIcode:4678)  Techno Music
101.2  _UNIQUE_   (PI code:CABC) Reggae & Soul
101.3  _EROTIC_  (PI code:3567) House  / Garage
104.6 TIME_FM_ (PIcode:1234) Garage Music
106.9  P_B_FM__ PICode:FFFF House/ Garage

Some 44 unlicensed stations were noted on FM in and around London this afternoon! (2/01/99)

(From Ian Kelly, BDXC-UK Reading)

Permission is hereby granted to reproduce the above information, provided that
full credit is given to the original contributor AND to the British DX Club.

VHF  Raids (1/12/98)

During July to September 1998, there were 19 successful convictions for unlicensed
broadcasting (fines totalling 10,000 with total costs of 10.270).  In September there
were 34 raids on 20 London stations.  Outside London there were 10 raids on stations
in the Midlands - in Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Walsall and Nottingham.
(Radio Magazine)

London: BDXC member Mark Hattam in West London has heard the following
pirates radiating RDS ID's recently.

88.2 PS_Name:  RUDE_FM_PI code: 90.2 PS_Name:  MAGIC_FMnPI code:  1234
88.4 PS_Name:  _ICE_FM_ PI code:  1234 92.7 PS_Name:  _MAC_FM_ PI code:  1234
89.4 PS_Name:  LONDON-U PI code:  6944 92.7 PS_Name:  _MAC_FM_ PI code:  1234

North West :  During October and early November, BDXC member Tom Read has
heard these stations:

88.00 Buzz FM Manchester. Soul Funk           106.1 Irie FM Manchester. Soul Reggae
90.2   Ital FM Manchester. Reggae/Ragga     106.3 Freestyle FM Manchester. Pop
105.9 Irie FM manchester. Soul Reggae          106.3 R, Atlantis Warrington.Dance

Tom also heard the following from east of the pennines:

 87.8 Asian Radio Link  Sheffield.        106.5 Big FM Sheffield. Dance House
 94.7 R. Asian Air Bradford.                 106.8 Rebel FM Leeds. Reggae
100.00 Love 100 Huddersfield Soul.    106.8 Foulmouth Sheffield.
106.2 Asian Paradise Bradford.          107.0 SCR Sheffield. Reggae

(From Tom Read BDXC-UK 01/12/98)


Merseyside Free Radio