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Updated to 30 November 1998

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RSL NEWS For the latest RSL listings, check out this web site:

BBC Radio 4 Wartime Radio Special For December 10th

BBC Radio 4 will be broadcasting a special documentary on the role of radio during war time on December 10th. War Radio, which has been produced to markthe 50th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, looks at the disturbing ways radio is used throughout the world. It asks whether there needs to be a more co-ordinated international response to broadcasts
and discovers the network of Peace Radio stations set up specifically to counteract the propaganda of War Radio. Presented by Misha Glenny, the half hour programme commences at 20:00UTC - December 10th BBC Radio 4

( Steve Whitt Meduimwave Circle)

New Site for MW And SW Audio files In MP3 Format

For once, some lines of my own. Some months ago I've set up a web site hosting recordings of MW & SW stations in MP3 format, an "audio zone" for DX stations received in Europe. It's called IDS Warehouse and you can find it at:

There you can find, i.e.,  62 NA MW IDs and 36 SAM IDs and 12 SEA IDs of MW
stations.Obviously anyone willing to contribute can send me some lines at

(Renato Bruni Mediumwave Circle)

New Web Site For Calderdale Sound

CSR are now on air, but the signal doesn't sound anywhere near as strong as it was last time. I've been informed that they have a website at the following URL:

(Alan Gale BDXC-UK)

DX Information from the British DX Club.

Noted just now at 17:45 UTC Sat. Nov. 14th Sunrise radio now on 5850 kHz from Germany //1458 from London and Astra satellite [19.2 east].

(Via BDXC-News)

DX Information from the British DX Club.

Those who appreciate quality HM music should be aware of Rock Radio Network (daily) and Radio Hammer (weekly?) via Merlin Network One.  Of more direct interest to the DXer are the direct addresses:

Rock Radio Network Radio Hammer

c/o Ian Canfield 16 Bolsover Street, 5 Pembroke Road, LONDON, LONDON W1P 7HJ, 8A4 8RD.  (seems a funny postcode??)

106.9 Silk FM (serving the Macclesfield, Knutsford and Wilmslow, but getting out much further!!!) has a classic 70s rock show on Sunday evenings, 2200 to 0000 UTC.  Jeff Cooper presents "2XS Overdrive". Reception reports to:

Tom Read, QSL Manager, Silk FM, Radio House, Bridge Street, MACCLESFIELD, SK11 6DJ.

An anorak-friendly response and full-data QSL card is assured!

(Tom Read BDXC -UK)

DX Information from the British DX Club.

122/98 19 November 1998

RADIO AUTHORITY ISSUES REVISED LOCAL LICENSING TIMETABLE The Radio Authority announced today (19 November) that it has

rescheduled the planned advertisement dates of the next few new local licences. This is to allow the three streams of local licensing on which the Authority is now engaged - new analogue licences, the re-licensing of existing analogue services, and local digital radio development - to proceed at a similar measured pace. During 1999, the Authority intends to deal with one licence of each type per month.

The revised dates for new analogue licences are as follows:

Area Advertisement    Closing Date -Area Advertisement    Closing-date
Coleraine      Dec. 1998   Apr. 1999 -Newbury    Mar. 1999    July 1999
NW London Jan. 1999 May 1999 -Burnley         Apr. 1999 Aug. 1999
Bridgend      Feb. 1999 June 1999 -Hertford  May 1999   Sept. 1999

The licence within North/North-West London might be able to offer more widespread coverage, within this sector of Greater London, than the three previous 'alternative location' licences which were advertised and awarded in South-West, East and South-East London. However, the actual coverage to be achieved will, as with these other 'alternative location' ('sally') licences, depend very much upon an applicant's selection of a transmission site, and its availability. Further details of constraints on coverage will be provided in the coverage brief issued at the time of advertisement.

The Authority also hopes to be able to advertise, later in 1999, a further licence which will offer less extensive coverage within a more narrowly defined part of North London.

As previously announced (27 October), the Authority plans to issue a new 'working list' of planned future local and regional licence areas in the New Year.

Contact: Tracey Mullins 0171 405 7058 Press and Information 0171 430 2724 Out of hours 0370 375283 []

Permission is hereby granted to reproduce the above information, provided that full credit is given to the original contributor AND to the British DX Club.

(Ray Woodward BDXC-UK)

The Radio Authority has updated it's timetable of licenses to be advertised. The license for North London may be of a wider coverage area than the three ' sally' licences awarded in South East /East and South West London. The coverage area depends on where the applicants' choose their transmission area.

There is a posibility that there will be another license advertised for North London in Late 99 which will provide a smaller coverage area.

There will be a new working list of areas published early in the new year.

Source Radio Authority Press Release on

(Nicky HutchingsBDXC-Uk)

DX Information from the British DX Club.

Cambridge Cafe Radio 107.9 FM is announcing that, as of Monday (23 Nov), it will be Cambridge Red. "Beats me what the difference is. Presumably the men in suits know. Never mind, join the "Red Revolution". Who thinks up this rubbish?"

Happy listening,

(Andrew Thomason BDXC-UK)

DX Information from the British DX Club.

The following London pirates have all been heard radiating RDS data in the past couple of weeks. Boy is it difficult dx-ing from here now, cos there are no clear channels at all !! Even with a big beam

88.2 PS_Name:  RUDE_FM_PI code: 90.2 PS_Name:  MAGIC_FMnPI code:  1234
88.4 PS_Name:  _ICE_FM_ PI code:  1234 92.7 PS_Name:  _MAC_FM_ PI code:  1234
89.4 PS_Name:  LONDON-U PI code:  6944 92.7 PS_Name:  _MAC_FM_ PI code:  1234

Mark Hattam
(Mark Hattam BDXC-UK)

DX Information from the British DX Club.

"Senior Radio Authority Officer & Sunrise Radio boss arrested

A senior Radio Authority officer and the Chief Executive of Britain's most successful Asian radio station have been arrested by Scotland Yard's Fraud Squad over allegations of corruption.

The Radio Authority's Deputy Head of Programming and Advertising, Janet Lee, has been suspended from her post following her arrest. Police also arrested Avtar Lit, Chief Executive of Sunrise Radio - which operates a Greater London AM station - and has involvement in a station in
Bradford, West Yorkshire. Sunrise Radio also broadcasts on shortwave from transmitters in Germany.

Janet Lee was arrested on November 5th at her home in London on suspicion of corruption, Scotland Yard confirmed last weekend. Lee was taken to a central London police station and was questioned by officers from the Fraud Squad. She has been released on bail to appear in January, while police conduct further inquiries. It has also been revealed that detectives searched her home and a number of documents, were seized.

Avtar Lit was arrested at a central London police station on Wednesday (11/11) on suspicion of corruption. He was interviewed by officers and released on bail. Police officers raided the offices of Sunrise Radio in Southall and documents were seized.

The investigation focuses on a fortnight-long holiday that Janet Lee took in 1996 to Rajasthan, India, and who paid for it. That trip, and other matters, had been under investigation by the BBC 2 tv programme, Newsnight.

In a statement, the Radio Authority said: "a member of our programming and advertising staff - Ms Janet Lee - has been questioned by the police in connection with her visit to India under a Commonwealth Relations Trust Bursary in 1996. Consequently she has been suspended from duty and the Radio Authority can make no further comment at this time pending the
outcome of the police investigation."


From: "Howard G L Rose">
Date: Mon, 16 Nov 1998 11:34:54 -0000

On the subject of the breaking news about investigations into a certain officer of the Radio Authority and Managing Director of an Asian Radio station, this appears to have blown at this time as a result of a major investigation being conducted by Newsnight. There will be much more to

The RADIO Magazine is published every week by Goldcrest Broadcasting Ltd.
Our Address: Crown House, 25 High Street, Rothwell, KETTERING NN14 6AD.
Telephone (01536) 418558
Fax (01536) 418539
web site:

[uk-radio e-mail list]

Permission is hereby granted to reproduce the above information, provided that
full credit is given to the original contributor AND to the British DX Club.

DX Information from the British DX Club.

The Radio Authority has announced plans for usage of the 106 - 107 part of the FM band. They intend to advertise more small scale and regional licences. The press release can be seen on


At the moment there are ten regional radio stations on the air. The second North East licence (I call this North East England B) was awarded to Galaxy FM and should start broadcasting next year. Central Scotland B has been advertised but not awarded yet, but the Radio Authority are
anticipating this will go on air next year. It is unclear how many new regional licences will be advertised, but is 'unlikely to exceed 8'.

Small scale

These will not use the small scale alternative location licencing scheme or 'sally'. A specific area will be advertised to aid frequency planning. It is hoped a new working list of areas will be published early in the new year. Once again the Radio Authority's web site will publish more information when available. I have given the web site addressl above.

(From Nicola Hutchings (Miss) BDXC/UK)

Radio Iraq

DX Information from the British DX Club.

Strong signal from the domestic service of Republic of Iraq Radio in Baghdad on 4920 kHz heard 8th November from tune-in 2025, news in Arabic at 2100 and many ID's as "Idha'at Jumhuriyat al-Iraq min Baghdad". Unable to trace any parallel on either 7160v or 9715v.

(Dave Kenny BDXC-UK)

The Isle of Man International Broadcasting Co, which submitted a tender to operate a 500 kilowatt station on 279, has opened up part of its web site to the public and more information can be found on there.   The URL is:

DX Information from the British DX Club.

From Paul Rusling:

Super power radio station reaches a milestone

The 39 year battle for a high power radio station on the  Isle of Man reached  historic milestone on Friday when Isle of Man International Broadcasting Company Ltd submitted its proposals to the Island's Communications Commission to operate the station with 500 kilowatts  on 279, effectively an INR4 for the UK, but in fact serving a much wider area.

Among IoMIBC's plans are a studio and office centre in Ramsey for the station's 50 staff and over a dozen positive benefits for the Isle of Man. The station's name is being kept confidential for the time being, in order to not dilute the impact of its launch.  It will be aimed at adults aged 25 to 50 and  employ several well known radio names and celebrities as presenters on the station, which should launch next  year.
The station's executives have a wealth of radio and music business under their belts and are led by John Ross-Barnard, whose radio career began at sea in the sixties and includes many years with the BBC, on air as well as in management. He was more recently responsible for setting up SMS, the satellite delivery network and has recently been supervising launch of new media initiatives in the former Yugoslavia for the European Union.

The company's founder is Paul Rusling, who has been involved in licensing, development and engineering at many major and  minor radio companies, but who started his career as a DJ on Radio Caroline in the early 1970s. "It has been a long battle," said Paul, who is the company's  Chief Executive, who has spent much of the last four  years commuting between several European cities, lobbying at Westminster, the ITU in Geneva and countries such as Tunisia and Belarus, all of whom had objected to the Isle of Man broadcasting.

"There was tremendous opposition to the Isle of Man having its own international voice, but we were certain that the obstacles put up previously in the UK were no longer valid and that it would only be a matter of time before we wore them down," he said when the frequency finally came through earlier this year.  "It cost a fortune in legal bills, but an important point of principle was at stake as well as the exciting prospect of the Island finally having  its own powerful voice."

IoMIBC was formed in 1994 to lobby the UK Government to drop its objections to such a station on the Island. As long ago as 1959, the Isle of Man Government has been asking for permission to licence such a station and there have been many high powered delegations to London over the years to get a stronger frequency for Manx Radio. London always refused, and have cited a variety of reasons.

"The most ludicrous reason  put forward  was that such a station would 'steal' listeners from the ILR stations in the UK, an excuse trotted out again  to halt Atlantic when that station launched,"  said Paul this week. In recent years the Radio Authority, which looks after commercial stations
such as Virgin and Talkradio, seized one frequency which IoMIBC had proposed, 225 LW, although it has not brought it into use, despite there being firm interest from over a dozen UK radio groups.

The team also includes Rick Wakeman who is currently hosting a programme on BBC Radio 2 as well as  several TV programmes.  He is joined by  Dave Cousins, leader of The Strawbs  and who has since managed several stations and been involved in radio licensing development  for CLT.  Dave  will be the station's Head of Music.   They propose playing both contemporary and older music, but not restricted to Top 40 hits.  Several of IoMIBC's team are still working in radio elsewhere and their identities will be kept confidential until notice periods are worked out.

IOMIBC believe their 279 Long wave signal will reach as far as Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam, but plan to boost reception still further by broadcasting on satellite and short wave to other parts of the world.

"We plan to use a network of former  BBC World Service transmitters which will send the station's signal into Australasia and North America, as well as some FM stations in other places such as the Cote d'Azur," he explained. "It's very important that the station be seriously 'international' and not just a station broadcasting to the UK, as the Broadcasting Act 1993 doesn't
allow the Island to licence such a station." "I think its very interesting to note that many of the big developments and changes in British radio have come about as a result of activity from outside the UK ," said Rusling. "Lucky Luxembourg  brought sweeping changes to the BBC over its half a century of serving music starved British audiences, then the offshore stations had their on effect, precipitating Radio One and commercial radio.  In the 1980s, Laser gave radio another
shake up, helping force out needletime restrictions and the 50-50 speech ratios from music stations, not to mention our junking wavelength in favour of frequencies!"

43 Million  Offered
"We are offering a package worth around 43million for the licence," said Michael Pridham of Peel, who is IoMIBC's Finance Director. "The true value of all the benefits however is impossible quantify as a professionally run station can help so many other Island businesses and enhance the profile of the Island in the many world markets on which it depends for trade and

IoMIBC can be contacted at  P O Box 279, Ramsey, IM99 4HT,
Their e-mail address is

Permission is hereby granted to reproduce the above information, provided that
full credit is given to the original contributor AND to the British DX Club.

(From Paul Rusling: BDXC-UK)

DX Information from the British DX Club.

CLT apply for IoM long wave licence

CLT-UFA have applied for the Isle of Man high-power long wave licence, proposing a station which will be called Indigo 279.

The Indigo application is backed by a consortium including CLT (owners of Atlantic 252), CEA Broadcast Investments and Comunicorp. Travis Baxter (the man who made Atlantic 252 a success) has been named as chairman.

Indigo say that they will not only broadcast "an attractive broad based programming format of Classic Hits (music from the last four decades and today) coupled with news and lifestyle information", but will also benefit Isle of Man businesses and residents.


Permission is hereby granted to reproduce the above information, provided that full credit is given to the original contributor AND to the British DX Club.

DX Information from the British DX Club. 113/98 3 November 1998


The Radio Authority's closing date for receipt of applications for the new small-scale Independent Local Radio (ILR) licences within the Bristol/North Somerset area was today (3 November). Each licence is being offered for the provision of a small-scale service on the FM waveband to cover a location (or contiguous locations) within the former metropolitan county of Avon, now comprising the unitary authority areas of Bristol City, North Somerset, Bath and North East Somerset, and South Gloucestershire.

The Authority anticipates utilising a maximum total of two frequencies for these new small-scale licences, although it reserves the right to exceed this number if it believes this would be justified.

Fourteen applications were submitted. However, one of the applications received was not submitted in accordance with the criteria set down in the Authority's 'Notes of Guidance for Local Licence Applicants'. The details of the thirteen accepted applications are listed below, together with a brief outline of each applicant's preferred coverage area(s) and proposed programme format(s):

BATH FM (BATH RADIO LTD.) - 4 Queen Square, Bath BA1 2HA (contact: Andrew Brownsword, 01225 481495; or Thomas Sheppard, 01225 339661); a genuinely local radio station with wide appeal, that informs and entertains the citizens of Bath and surrounding villages, with an unrivalled service of news, information and features, and classic hit music;

RADIO BATH LTD. - Bridge House, 15 Argyle Street, Bath BA2 4BQ (contact: Eddie Startup, 01761 221568; or David Rodgers, 01392 444444); a full service local radio station, characterised by comprehensive local news, topical information and friendly presentation, complemented by a mix of popular music, chosen for its specific appeal to residents of Bath aged over 25;

BREEZE 107 (WESTON RADIO COMPANY LTD.) - 32 Waterloo Street, Weston- super-Mare BS23 1LW (contact: Bernard Driscoll, 01934 414010; or Trevor Smallwood, 01934 411242); a friendly, full-service local radio station, providing melodic 24-hour musical entertainment, plus comprehensive news and information specifically for the residents of Weston-super-Mare, Worle, Burnham-on-Sea and surrounding villages;

CABOT FM (CITY OF BRISTOL BROADCASTING COMPANY LTD.) - St. Giles House, 11 Quay Street, Bristol BS1 2JL (contact: Guy Arnoux, 0117 926 5451; or St. John Hartnell, 0117 923 9234); a full and friendly service of music, news and information, broadcasting soft adult contemporary music to appeal to the over 25s, with specialist programmes catering for the various sections of the community including minority groups, focused on the City of Bristol alone;

FUTURE RADIO LTD. - 30 Nevil Road, Bishopston, Bristol BS7 9EQ (contact: Jenny Craig, 0117 941 5802; or Jo Tacchi, 0117 958 4210); the sound of urban audio, for the City of Bristol;

KUTE FM (BRISTOL COMMUNITY RADIO LTD.) - P.O. Box 242, Springfield House, West Street, Bristol BS99 5BF (contact: Bob Pierson, 0117 973 4716; or Martin Barrington, 0117 969 5053); an unsurpassable service of local news and information which will involve the city's multi-cultural communities, playing an adult mix of classic soul and soft rock, for the City of Bristol, parts of Kingswood and South Gloucestershire;

POWERJAM RADIO LTD. - 17 Dean Street, Bristol BS2 (contact: Dennis Bailey, 0117 915 9934; or Bugsy Durrant, 0117 915 9937); a full 24-hour daily service, specialised in appeal, for districts within Bristol;

REPUBLIC RADIO (WATERBEACH COMMUNICATIONS LTD.) - P.O. Box 971, Bristol BS99 5HB (contact: Edmund Bruegger, 07000 781500; or Ian Evans, 0976 793003); a stylish mix of popular current and cutting edge music with Bristol news, views and features reflecting its status as the entertainment capital of the South West, for the City of Bristol and some outlying areas;

RESPEC FM (RESPEC RADIO LTD.) - Ujima House, 97-104 Wilder Street, Bristol BS2 8QU (contact: Bentleigh Burgess, 0117 942 6208); a predominantly music based service, broadcasting an urban contemporary format, with speech providing a lifestyle service for Bristol’s diverse multicultural population;

SPA FM LTD. - 5-7 Pulteney Mews, Bath BA2 4DS (contact: Malcolm Pearce, 01225 334009; or Jo Eckersley, 01225 336060); a stylish and intelligent local radio service, incorporating significant levels of local news, community information and popular music from the last four decades, for the city of Bath and its immediately surrounding area;

3TR FM (3TR RADIO LTD.) - 19 Forester Road, Portishead, North Somerset BS20 6UP (contact: Nicky Messarra, 01643 705076/704400; or Patricia Gardener, 01275 845324/817222); popular music from the last 40 years which has stood the test of time, with highly localised chat and local news and the involvement of local people to offer a truly local radio station for Portishead, Clevedon, Nailsea and the rural areas of North Somerset;

WAVERLEY RADIO LTD. - 51 Beach Road, Weston-super-Mare BS23 1BH (contact: Peter Bryant, 01934 623007; or Nick Cooke, 01934 644111); news and sport with information for the town and visitors complemented by the area's favourite music, for Weston-super-Mare and surrounding villages;

WSM FM (FOUR SEASONS RADIO LTD.) - Coombs House, Searle Crescent, Weston-super-Mare BS23 3YX (contact: David Healey-Hutchinson, 01934 811202; or David Greenwood, 01934 617777); a highly localised, professional radio station, broadcasting a mix of popular music and speech plus local news and information relevant to the community, focused on Weston-super-Mare and the immediate surroundings.

This 'alternative location' (or 'sally') approach has been adopted by the Authority in several areas previously (see Note 1 for a fuller explanation of the 'sally' licensing procedure).

Copies of these applications will be available for public scrutiny in the reference sections of the main public libraries in Bristol (Central Library), Bath (Central Library), Clevedon and Weston-super-Mare, and at the Radio Authority's offices in London. The Authority welcomes public comments on the proposals put forward by the applicants, and upon the tastes and requirements of listeners in this area. These should be sent to the Head of Development, Radio Authority, Holbrook House, 14 Great Queen Street, London WC2B 5DG, to arrive by 22 February 1999.

The Authority hopes to announce its decision about the award of the licences early next Spring.


1.Small-scale 'alternative location' local licences, often known by the acronym 'sallies', reflect an Authority policy introduced in 1996, whereby the availability of one or more frequencies for a service (or services) for any locality (or in different localities, where more than one frequency is available) within a wider area will be advertised, without specifying which particular locality at the time of the advertisement. It is up to the applicants to decide which locality they wish to serve. This approach is designed to increase the opportunities for prospective operators of small-scale radio services to submit licence applications. 2.The Radio Authority is responsible for licensing and regulating Independent Radio in accordance with the statutory requirements of the Broadcasting Acts 1990 and 1996. It plans frequencies, awards licences, regulates programming and advertising, and plays an active role in the discussion and formulation of policies which affect the Independent Radio industry and its listeners.

Contact: Tracey Mullins 0171 405 7058 Press and Information 0171 430 2724 Out of hours 0370 375283


DX Information from the British DX Club.

The Radio Authority has advertised the Independent local radio licence covering the Bridlington area - the station will broadcast on the FM band. The licence should be awarded to the successful applicant in the Spring.


Nicola Hutchings (miss)BDXC-UK)
DX Information from the British DX Club.

Cheltenham's Cat FM has launched a new web site the address is

Cat FM, formerly Cheltenham Radio has also stopped simulcasting on 603 AM on 19 October.

DX Information from the British DX Club.

The Radio Authority has published a timetable of areas it will advertise digital licences. The Authority is seeking letters of intent from interested groups who wish to apply for a licence.

It aims to advertise one 'regional multiplex' each month.

The first multiplex to be advertised will cover Birmingham. Notes of guidence for prosepective applicants will be published in a couple of weeks. For more information, and the timetable, see Nicola Hutchings (Miss)BDXC-UK


Surrey Pirate Station Raided

A Carshalton, Surrey man was given a 12 month conditional discharge and had to pay 330 Pounds costs after being convicted of operating an unauthorised radio station, Tolerance FM broadcasting to the Sutton area. Tolerance was raided following complaints of interference from the public. In 1997 the Radiocommunications Agency successfully prosecuted 41 people . Average fines were 272 Pounds and average costs awarded were 339 Pounds. In 1997 the agency made 820 raids on 169 pirates. 707 raids were on 109 stations in the London area.

(Radio Magazine via MET via BDXC UK)

DX Information from the British DX Club.30/10/98

Record company "has bought Country 1035"

From MIKE WILLIAMS in Dublin

Irish record company Ritz Records are said to be close to closing a deal to purchase London's country music station, RTL Country 1035AM, from it's current owners CLT-UFA.

Reports in a number of Irish newspapers suggest that Ritz have managed to beat offers from other interested parties (including Astra broadcaster CMR). Ritz are quoted as planning to reintroduce live programming (under CLT ownership the station was fully automated ) and a wider country music playlist.

Ritz Records is part-owned by a number of Irish country music stars, including Daniel O'Donnell.

Meanwhile, a deal is expected to be announced this week between Kelvin McKenzie and CLT over the sale of Talk Radio.


Permission is hereby granted to reproduce the above information, provided that full credit is given to the original contributor AND to the British DX Club.

(Ray Woodward BDXC UK)

110/98 27 October 1998


The Radio Authority is this week (29 October) advertising a new small- scale Independent Local Radio licence to serve the town of Bridlington, in the East Riding of Yorkshire, and the immediately surrounding area. This licence is being offered for the provision of a service on the FM (VHF) waveband, which is expected to cover an area with an adult (aged 15+) population of around 30,000 to 35,000.

When the Authority comes to assess the applications it receives, it will be taking into consideration applicants' proposals to cater for the tastes and interests of listeners in this local area. The Authority would therefore welcome public comments and opinions about the local radio needs of the area, which should be sent to the Radio Authority's Head of Development, Holbrook House, 14 Great Queen Street, London WC2B 5DG.

The licence will be for a period of eight years from the date the station comes on air. Anyone interested in applying for the licence should contact the Head of Development at the above address and ask for an application form. Applicants will be sent detailed notes of guidance to help them fill in the form. The closing date for receipt of applications is Tuesday, 23 February 1999. Applications (20 copies) must be submitted by 2.00 p.m. on that date; any applications delivered after this time will not be accepted. A non-refundable application fee of 750 will be payable.

The Authority expects to decide and announce who has been granted the licence next Spring. It will then be up to the successful applicant to get the radio service up and running as quickly as possible.



The Radio Authority is responsible for licensing and regulating Independent Radio in accordance with the statutory requirements of the Broadcasting Acts 1990 and 1996. It plans frequencies, awards licences, regulates programming and advertising, and plays an active role in the discussion and formulation of policies which affect the Independent Radio industry and its listeners.

Contact: Tracey Mullins 0171 405 7058 Press and Information 0171 430 2724 Out of hours 0370 375283


Permission is hereby granted to reproduce the above information, provided that full credit is given to the original contributor AND to the British DX Club.

DX Information from the British DX Club.

The existing N. E. Essex and Suffolk ILR service 'Mellow 1557' [1557kHz] is set to relaunch on Thursday November 19th at 08:00.

The new service - 'DREAM 100 FM' will operate on 100.0 MHz VHF playing "Todays hits and yesterdays favourites" ...

Owners Trindle Radio have invested nearly UKp250,000 in the relaunch - spent on new state of the art studios.

DREAM 100 FM - 100.0 MHz 2kw ERP N. E. Essex and Suffolk from 08:00 Thur. Nov. 19th.

[Issue 342 of The Radio Magazine]

Permission is hereby granted to reproduce the above information, provided that full credit is given to the original contributor AND to the British DX Club.

Central Sussex Radio RSL (30-10-98)

From Dave Howship

Today's "Evening Argus" here in Brighton, reports that Burgess Hill-based CENTRAL SUSSEX RADIO will again be operating on 107.0 FM for a month from November 27th from their studios in the Market Place shopping centre, Burgess Hill. Format will be classic hits from the last 40 years [ yawn!] along with local news and information. It aims to appeal to all ages in the community as well as supporting local businesses and charities.

This is the group's seventh RSL to the area as they attempt to secure a full-time radio licence to Mid-Sussex.

Mind you (adds Mark), the choice of frequency seems a little odd, given that this is also used by Surf 107 in nearby Brighton. Less than twelve miles separate the two towns and whilst the Downs present something of a natural barrier to radio signals, I would not rule out interference from Surf which has a very poweful signal booming out of Brighton which now wrecks my enjoyment of FM DX. But I guess the authorities know what they are doing :-)

Tomorrow (1/11/98) sees the seasonal changes in programme schedules. If you cannot find that station or frequency you like to listen too try my new website at It is not by any means a comprehensive listing of statons but concentrates on broadcasts directed in English to Europe. Any additional info which can be added would be much appreciated.

(Dave Howship BDXC UK)

Resort FM 106.00 Blackpool.

Just a quick note about the RSL on 106.0MHz called Resort FM from The Savoy Hotel on Blackpool Promenade. Its playing some different /alternative music for a change, and has a couple of old 'Pirates', Robin Ross and Dave Simpson on it under different names. Unfortunately the signal doesn't travel too far outside Blackpool.

(Gary Hogg. Blackpool)

This station was first reported by other sources on 17/10/98 (ed)

Crash FM's Janice Long is Dismissed

Former Radio 1 presenter Janice Long has been dismissed from Liverpools Crash FM and a replacement has been announced.

Graine Lanowski, a former Kiss FM presenter will take over from Janice Long on November 9th. Ms. Landoski, who will be fronting the morning slot, hopes to attract new listeners with her new style show. She said "I know all about Crash, it's history and what it is trying to be. I'm also very familiar with Liverpool and I've had lots of good nights at clubs like Garlands and Creme".

(Liverpool Daily Post 16/10/98)

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