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Piratechat UK Weekly Newsletter

By Mark Jonson

Free Radio News From Birmingham And surrounding Areas

Week Ending15\10\00

The Monday to Thursday evening part of the week was not to bad over
the last week with quite a few stations on air all the following
stations were heard broadcasting...Passion fm, Kriss fm, PCRL, Sting
fm also Desire was testing on 107.1 on Monday and Tuesday evening,
also Unique fm from Nottingham(?) was heard on the air most nights.

Friday got off to a pretty good start with most stations on air by
about 8pm, the following stations were on air...Sangham fm,Passion
fm,Skyline radio,Kriss fm,Groove fm(very weak signal),PCRL,Max fm,Mix
fm,Premiere radio,Silk city fm and Sting fm. Kool fm and unique fm
were not on friday evening

Saturday was pretty much the same as Friday evening however Kool fm
was back on air Saturday morning also later on Saturday Real fm was
back on air and Groove was still broadcasting on a really low signal
and was not being heard in most areas! Later on Saturday evening Max
fm did not appear on the air for it's usual saturday broadcast but
Groove had sorted the signal out!...the story was that the link and
transmit aerials had been put in the wrong way round!!!!:-)

Sunday was the same as Saturday...the only thing that happened was
Groove going off the air at about 12:15 this however was due to
technical problems and not a raid as was first thought...also more
news from Groove! on sunday night they had major problems with
interuptions due to someone linking over them and spoiling the
show's! Max fm was not on air again on Sunday night however Rhythm fm
was with Max fm dj's! they had also moved to a new frequencey of

Also in other news this weekend Smooth fm from Birmingham was back on
air on 94.4 (they have been back on a few weeks but i forgot to
mention them in the newsletter...sorry!) and once again Unique fm
from Nottingham was heard throughout the weekend.

In other news Sandwell area Unique fm was not on air due to a few
technical problems but hope to be back very soon and one last bit of
news Dimension fm from Telford are due back on the air next Friday
evening and are also broadcasting via the internet throughout the
week! (check out the Pirate chat uk site for more details from

Must just say a quick thankyou for all the support for the newsletter
over the last week and keep checking as a new newsletter will soon be
coming for the Sheffield area!...would you like a newsletter for your
area? then why not either send me the information and i'll put a
newsletter together for your area or just simply write it yourself
and post it in the usual way...or another idea you could always write
it in the files section of this site? would be good to hear
whats happening in other places throughout the country.

Mark jonson.

P.S: sorry this newsletter is a little late!