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Updated to 01 October, 2000

For the latest RSL info (frequencies to avoid) check out this website: READ IT ! It is updated regularly and features the latest RSL listings direct from the Radio Authority.

Or better still, you can now get the latest listings direct from the Radio Authority's website in their Licencees section. (the page may be off line at times for updating)

See also: Jim Lowe Editorial The Pirate Files

Inside Pirate Radio. Pictures of studios and transmitters etc.

Tom Webb's World Of Radio. Tom Webb's view on the world of free radio.

The Vision Page. Jeff's experiences at the helm of Vision FM.

The Station M Story by Dave Wilson

WABC Music Radio A history of WABC by Steve Owen.

<Station M Founder dies

Latest on Merseyside

Lazer Website Laser now have their site on line :

From Jim Brown (MAR)

Starting soon October 2000 I will be broadcasting a new station.

The name will be MAR 2000 FM Stereo. Frequency TBA. I am searching for the original presenters such as: Mike Sand, John Dwyer, Phill Western. We are also looking for new presenters.



Not to be confused with Jim (Chubby) Brown from Central. (Jim)

Lazer Raided

Lazer Hot Hits was raided recently and has been doing a series of low power tests. A spokesman for Lazer said they should be back on a regular basis "soon". Email

New proposed Lazer website

Sound FM were raided on Sunday 30/07/00 @ around 1450. Details on their website:


Regular Weekend Stations on MERSEYSIDE

Warning: The following RSL stations are due on:

87.7  7-8 October Radio Bryn Elian FM, Colwyn Bay

87.7 Fly in the City Radio Manchester 16th to 28th September
106.7 Chester FM 22nd of September to 19th of October from Chester
106.6 7-8 October Soul FM, Fleetwood
*106.2 Elle FM Liverpool 17th of September to 7th October ???

107.0 8-11 October IBFM Burnley

*(not heard on and no longer found on the Radio Authority website.)

From Simon:

W/E 01\10\00

105.9 Sound FM appeared as usual on Sat. & Sun. They were having trouble with skipping turntables for a while on Sat. but it all went well after a while. DJ Kaos did 4 hours on Sunday as Rolex didn't appear. Website:

106.2 Central R. were heard on Sunday @ 1600 with Jim Brown followed by a taped show with Dave Collins. The modulation was louder but sometimes distorted. The only apparent purpose for Central to switch on was to cause splatter to Lazer. Email:

106.3 Lazer UK appeared from 2000 with Radar Roy, Ken Wood, Dave Kelly & co. with phone calls from Sheffield and other areas.

A good weekend apart from Central's deliberately distorted modulation, obviously intended to cause localised splatter to Lazer's signal.

W/E 24/09/00

Many thanks to Simon from NWMR who sent us most of the following

Stations heard Sunday 24/9 were:

106.3 Dance FM. . They said they had been on the air for a year. During the afternoon the show included several nursery rhymes (on vinyl) and also some live hoax calls to various taxi firms.

106.2 Central Radio. Jim Brown doing a 'low power test transmission' until 5pm.

102.2 Pirate FM. Still on air after midnight, by this time everything else had shut down.

105.9 Sound FM.They were on testing on Friday night and were back on Sat morning as promised. Website;. email:

106.3 Lazer UK. 8pm till midnight. Moved from 106.5 Their usual frequency must have been a bit close to Chester FM. Web:

Many thanks to Simon from NWMR

Sound FM To Return

Good news this week for Sound fans. Steve Moorcroft has announced the return of Sound FM on 105.9 next Saturday 23/9 @ 1200. Email: Website:

1431 Khz Liverpool Pirate Radio were on again depite last weeks announcement. They were first heard @ 1100 (17/09) and again @ 1430 being relayed by Central on 106.2.

106.2 Central were heard @ 1430 with a relay/linkup with LPR on 1431 Khz. Email:

106.3 MAR with Bert Williams are reported to have been testing on Sat Night (16/09)

106.5 Lazer UK Heard by Simon on Sun evening.

106.7 Nova were on 16/9 @ 2230 with quite good quality modulation. Email: Website:

W/E 10/09/00

1431Khz Liverpool Pirate Radio. 10/09 @ 1230. Phill Davies has announced that LPR are closing down for good due to a lack of response.

102.2 Pirate FM On at various times including Sun, evening

106.2 Central Radio heard @ 1625 with Jim Brown playing dance.

106.5 Lazer UK heard closing down @ 0100 with Radar Roy.

106.6 Nova were heard @ 1645 testing.

106.7 Nova returned later in the evining & were on till midnight with Steve Owen, Roger Dee & Dr. Boogie.

W/E Sunday 3/09/00

Not much activity apart from someone (probably Central) playing tapes of Tower FM and The Black Shadow on Sat 2/9

W\E Monday August 28th 2000

A bit of a dissapointment this August bank holiday with too many stations on the same frequencies on FM at the same time.

106.2 (or drifting thereabouts) Central radio was heard from around midnight with Dave Collins announcing they were on till 0400! Jim Brown was ego-tripping in the background as usual. The signal was very weak, though.

106.4 Concept FM were on from 1800 with improved power but due to a different set up they were heard with a diferent signal strengths than before. The best reception report was from Geoff driving on the M56 near Frodsham, Cheshire.

106.65 R. Nova was the first on heard @ around midday. Guest preesenters were also heard. Nova moved down to 106.2 later in the evening.

106.7 M.A.R. with Bert Williams was on breifly in the evening and apparently returned @ 0200 on Tuesday morning.

1431 Liverpool Pirate Radio with Phill Davies was heard closing down @ 1430 BST. However, despite claims of LPR 'blasting over the Wirral', the station is only receivable in parts of Liverpool. I had to use a MW loop to bring in the signal to a readable level.

Sound FM (105.9) hope to be back later this year,

Lazer UK (106.5) also have a site under construction and also hope to be back soon.

if you wish to contact any of the above stations, please email me Response is down to the operator.

Sunday 20/08/00

1431 Khz Mediumwave (or drifting thereabouts) Liverpool Pirate Radio with Phill Davies 20/08 @ 13/07 UTC Email

102.2 Pirate FM with Dave Collins 19/8 @ 2335

106.3 Merseyland Alternative Radio with Bert Williams. Testing occasional evenings


Sound FM were raided on Sunday 30/07/00 @ around 1450 by the Radio Investigation Service. A limited amount of broadcast equipment was siezed in the raid.

They will be back very soon.

Further information is available on their website:


(From DJ Kaos& Steve Moorcroft)


105.9 Sound FM heard as usual on Sunday 16th

106.15 - 2 Central playing tapes of The Black Shadow ( Bert's old station)

1435 Khz (off channel) Liverpool Pirate Radio (Phill Davies) with a better signal on Sunday 16th with a mixture of rock and oldies. email:


Sound FM now have their website up and running with webcasts available in both Winamp™ and Real Audio™ . They also have a new domain name: . You can also use their old one: .

Sound are the only regular station on at the moment.

Sun 25 June

105.9 Sound FM heard on Sat 24 as normal.

106.3 MAR with Bert Williams was logged by Steve Owen from WABC on 24/06.

Sun 11 June 00

105.9 Sound FM heard as normal this weekend

W/E 4th June 2000

1431Khz Mediumwave Liverpool Pirate Radio 4/6 @ 1415 signal weak but just readable.


105.9 Sound FM

Bank Holiday Monday 29 May2000

105.00 Central Radio heard 29/05 from 1500, frequency change due to an RSL (Flame FM on 106.2.) Email:

105.9 Sound FM. Heard as usual at the weekend inc. Monday

1421 Mediumwave Liverpool Pirate Radio are reported to have been on for 10 hours on 29 May. (not noted on the Wirral)

The Moorcroft Report 29 May 2000

Stations Heard

102.2 Fatboy FM (oops sorry Pirate FM) occasional evenings playing a
usual bent (oops sorry blend) of chart music.

102.3 Beatles Radio (oops sorry Bert) meddling about when everyone else
is tucked up fast asleep in bed.

105.0 Cental Radio. Signal not as good since the move.

105.9 Sound FM. Anything I say would be biased so I won't even mention
the top line up of D.j's, top tunes etc,etc

106.2 Flame FM. Nuff said

106.7 Beatles Radio. Apparently heard on Saturday evening.

Have you heard anything about the Knowsley station due to come on with a
long term licence???? Rumour has it it's going to be on 106.7.

Reply: Last thing I heard was there were 3 applicants including KFM which did the original RSL. (Jim)

Steve Moorecroft 2000

Weekend log Sunday 14 May 2000

WABC Music Radio has announced that a final transmission will take place soon.

The station is also planning a relaunch under the name of RNI (Radio Nova International)

From Gary Hogg 4/06/00

106.2MHz Central Radio test on Sunday afternoon 7/5/00. 
105.9MHz Non Stop Dance Music on both 6th and 7th May with a very strong signal here.  No announcements heard at all.  Was still heard at 0800  Sunday morning before I went to work.

No sign of the Blackpool station heard the previous weekend.

1575kHz RNI heard again in the early evening on Sunday before the Spanish came in strong.


From Gary Hogg W\E 28/05/00

Unidentified station I heard strong on 105.9MHz the previous weekend turned out to be Sound FM.   The signal was just as strong this weekend here, and infact is the strongest FM signal I've heard from Merseyside since Cruise FM.

Central heard just after 2pm on 106.2 on Sunday aternoon with Dave Collins.  Had disappeared when I tried around 4pm.

Not heard the station from Blackpool on 107.0 for two weeks.

By the way I heard my name mentioned on Central a couple of weeks ago.  Presume my mail must have got through to them.

Gary Hogg

May Bank Holiday 1st May 2000

102.2 Pirate FM relaying Central (106.2) for most of the day

105.9 Sound FM heared over the B/H weekend.

106.2 Central Radio heared on 1/5 from 0930 - 0100 with guests Tom Webb & Dave Collins and the usual line-up of Jim Brown, Phill Davies and Mark Evans.

106.6 WABC were due on but were not actually noted here on the Monday.

Any others heard? Email us

Easter Weekend 2000

105.9 Sound FM. DJ KAOS announced that Sound would be on regular weekends in
future.(24/04 @ 1430.)
106.2 Dance FM heard testing 24\04 @ 1345 with just music.

106.2 Central Radio with Jim Brown. Heard 23\04 @ 1630. They were on Easter Monday also (24/4 @ 1200-midnight

106.5 Unidentified Station heard 24/04 @ 2330.

106.7 Tower Radio testing 24\04 @ 2200 with old jingles featuring the voice
of Paul Jay.

106.7 (probably WABC)heard on the same time as Tower

106.2 Dance FM good audio but low signal.  Heard on 15/04/00 at
22:50 for a few minutes asking people to send them text messages.
(Heard in the Wirral area with indoor antenna.)
(From Geoff Thompson)

Dance FM was also heard by Steve Owen from WABC (See Below)

106.2 Central FM was testing on Sunday 9th April @ 1800 BST.

106.5 Lazer Hot Hits was raided recently and has been doing a series of low power tests. A spokesman for Lazer said they should be back on a regular basis "soon".

From Steve Owen WABC 106.7

WABC Plan To Relay RNI Webcast

Thursday night/Friday morning heard through the noise on the medium wave on 1575khz 190m the close down of Radio Northsea (RSL),could not make out who it was sounded like either Carl Mitchel or Paul Maclaren.
Friday evening around 21:55pm heard again RNI,too much interferance from an Italian station,this subsided around 23:50pm could only just hear RNI.
On Saturday 15th at 22:00hrs heard on 3.395mhz 76metres what was first thought to be a relay of RNI,turned out to be someone broadcasting a tape of RNI from the Mebo II March 8th 1970,quality not bad at all,heard at least 3hours of the station which identified as Laser HotHits.A very interesting station,good programming.
To day Sunday 16th April,not a lot heard except for what appears to be LPR Liverpool Pirate Radio some where between 1420 and 1431khz210/211m,modulation very poor and almost no signal strength even with a 100ft aerial connected to the receiver.Receivers in use are Trio 9R-59DS 550khz-30mhz and also Matsui digital portable,150-281khz LW/520-1620khz MW/1500khz-30.000mhz SW and FM 87.5-108mhz.
Both of these receivers give account of them selves.regards Steve.
(WABC may be on this bank holiday with it's own programs and relays of RNI via the internet.
Cheers,bye for now.

(Steve Owen WABC)

Notice of Intent.
Notice to all free radio stations, Please keep the frequency 106.7mhz clear.WABC Music Radio will be testing within the next 2 to 3 weeks in preparation for transmissions through the Easter & Summer holidays.
WABC will be using an output power of 100 watts,the test format will consist of non stop music with email/mailing address and phone number being given at regular intervals. During the Easter holidays WABC Music Radio can be heard transmitting in the shortwave bands.

(From Steve Owen WABC)

See the WABC Information Page at:

Regular Weekend Stations In The MERSEYSIDE Area.
102.2 Pirate FM heard occasional evenings and weekends. (Not heard recently)

105.9 Sound FM Dance Music. Now back at weekends


106.5 Lazer UK has been on regular evenings from 15 January with an all dance format. Email

106.7 Unidentified station testing occasionally. (probably Bert Williams)

Stations heard at Xmas and New year
Mostly in the evenings

106.25 Central FM. Heard on 03/01/00 from 1200 with some of the original crew inc. Phill Davies, Mark Evans Jim Brown and Tom Webb.
106.4 Concept Radio (Millenuim Broadcast on 31/12 with Jim Lowe and Keith.)
106.5 Lazer hot hits Heard on 25/12. (also reported to have been on 104.7 and 105.00). Email:

106.7 WABC Music Radio 31/01 @ 2030. On 03/01/00 they were playing free radio extracts. See their new web page at:


105.9 Sound FM (with DJ Kaos, Steve Moorcroft &Co.) Email: Website:

Short wave:
6275 Lazer Hot Hits (Essex) with a 60's format.
Radio Merlin (Shortwave pirate) now has a website:

Station M did a memorial transmission for Tom Lodge on 90.3 FM on the evening of August Bank Holiday 30th August 1999.

Presenters included Dave Wilson, Roger Dee & co.

Reception reports to:

They are planning another transmission on higher power.

Thanks to Dave Wilson for this information.


Station M's Tom Lodge Dies Aged 44

Tom Lodge, the founder of Station M in the early 1980's, sadly passed away on Monday 12th July.

Please note that this is NOT the same person as the original Tom Lodge from the offshore stations in the 1960's. I don't know if you ever met Bob (TL), but he was a really nice bloke, and it is a great shame he is gone. He was only 44 years old. I went to the funeral yesterday, and saw Roger Dee for the first time in about 10 years. I also saw Eric MOnaghan for the first time in 15 years. Mike Doyle was also there, but I didn't recognise anyone else.

Roger Dee and Mike Ross (another original Station M guy) are planning a special one off broadcast on the bank holiday in August (Aug 30th), as a tribute to TL. It is apparently due to go out on FM, MW and SW.

I will keep you informed as to the progress of this project.

Dave Wilson, Station M.

Cruise Change Their Web Address:

90.3 Station M did a memorial transmission for Tom Lodge on August Bank Holiday Monday 30th August 1999.

Feedback and reception reports to:


Pulse FM Raided

At approx 21.00 hrs Monday 13th September Pulse F.M were raided by the DT I.

Information has been restricted until further notice.

1422 Khz. Liverpool Pirate Radio

105.9 Sound FM.

106.1 Central Radio

106.2 Pure FM

106.2 Unidentified Station

106.4 Pulse FM


Gary Hogg reports from the Fylde Coast 26/06.99

Sound FM were heard on 105.7MHz for one weekend, then seem to have moved up to 105.8.  Perhaps they were a bit close to Century.  Not heard
anything else here from Merseyside over the past few weeks.

Phantom FM have been heard again during the past week on 107.0MHz from
the Lancaster area.  They are possibly student at the University judging
by the comments heard.  The signal is quite reasonable here with an
outside aerial (15 miles away).  Music seems to be mainly dance type and

High pressure has brought FM signals in from Eire this week.  Pirate
stations heard include Radio Dublin (100.0), KISS FM Dublin (105.8),
Vibe FM Dublin(106.4) and Energy 106 (Monaghan - the strongest)
(106.6).  A friend heard some other stations on a trip to West Scotland
on Monday, including Radio North (Donegal)(103.9), Energy 106 (106.6 and
107.7), KISS FM Dundalk (106.0) and Tyrone Community Radio (107.4

Some of the Dublin stations are closing at the end of June in order to
try for one of the 6 licenses on offer, so it may be the last chance to
hear some in their present form.

(Gary Hogg, Poulton Le Fylde)

Previous Reports

Sound FM Frequency Change to 105.7 May 99

Due to a 28 day R.S.L station coming on on 1st June Sound FM will be moving to a new frequency of 105.7

Steve Moorcroft sent us the following details (24/03/99):


Good Friday 2nd April is the launch date for Sound F.M @ 6 pm Format to be all genres of dance music.

D.j's confirmed are as follows :

Steve Moorecroft, Ritchie Ming ,D.j Kaos, D.j Bainz, Kev Mac, The Bassmaster, Si Jackson
and others to be confirmed.

Initial broadcasts will be on Sunday's extending to Saturday once station has been established. Look out for flyers to be hitting the streets soon. (looking suspiciously like Orange flyers, but it's all in good fun. Intital test reports from last weekend are good especially as no one knew we were coming on.

We had reports from Chorley, Winter Hill, Southport, Waterloo, St Helens, Skem, Parbold and various other locations around Liverpool and The Wirral.

Keep your ears open we may be doing some more tests this weekend but due to other commitments in not too sure at the moment.

If you hear us on be sure to give us a buzz with a reception report.

See ya later

Steve Moorecroft.

May 1999

106.1 Sound FM have been testing regular weekends and were heard on higher power on 15/may @ 2300

106.2 Studio FM are reported to have been on a few evenings recently.

106.7 Unidentified station playing 'Bert Williams' style oldies heard on 15/05 @ 2305.

March 1999

106.2 The Black Shadow with Bert Williams has also been testing on Tuesday 23 March with a repeating oldies format. A bit of frequency minding, I suspect.

106.4 Concept FM were on Monday 3/5/99 but didn't continue due to interference from another pirate station.

106.4 CFM was also doing a full format on most Sundays but have not been heard regularly during April.

CFM returned on 2nd May on 106.4 with Dave Collins etc. They were also on Sunday 3rd May with the purpose of causing interference to Concept FM. A little immature, we think.

They have started test transmissions this week (end of April) presumably for a Bank Holiday broadcast.

December 1998

Concept goes on high power with RDS

Concept 106.5 was on Sunday 27th December and also New Year's Eve and Sunday 3 January with some phone guests, Dave Collins, Keith, DJ Kaos and Kev Rogers. Hopefully will be back on Sunday 2nd January.

Pirate FM 102.2 were on most evenings with more power and some live stuff including New Years Eve.

CFM were on 106.5 until Boxing Day, and have been on only occasionally since. They plan a return on high power in 1999.

They came back on Friday 9th on 106.4 with continuous dance music.

Tower FM 106.2 continued their rolling taped format of 60's music upto Saturday 2nd January.

January 1999 - CFM Announce Regular Transmissions

COMMODORE CFM Radio are planning to transmit 24 hours 7 days a week on 106.40 Mhz. from   Dec 22 - Jan 99 Onwards. They have been heard from 8th Jan with continuous dance music.

Richie C and Dj Choas join CFM, as does Steve Mason.

New website for the Cruise Network

CRUISE ONE have announced transmissions on 106.5 on the first Saturday of the month starting on Saturday 5th September at 8PM.

This went to schedule until November 7th when they didn't appear.

This may have been due to the Rhyl- based RSL on 106.6, Shore FM , which has a licence from 14th November for 28 days, finishing on 12 December.

We have since heard that there are no plans for any high power broadcasts in the immediate future.

Cruise One. The Story So Far

They were testing on 106.5 with a good signal on 5/7 and 19/8/98. Gary Hogg reported 5 out of 5 reception on the Fylde coast on the first test. This time, (19/8) BDXC member, Nigel Watkinson reported strong reception in North Wales and Manchester.They were also on Saturdays 5th September and 3rd October. Next Scheduled broadcast: 7/11/98.

Here are some CRUISE ONE reception reports recieved on Saturday 5th Sept......

"NIGEL - WARRINGTON - 4 out of 8 on indoor dipole. MADDIE - LANCASTER - Noisy stereo on indoor portable. IAN - STOCKPORT - Nearly as strong as Key 103. PAUL - COLNE (Nr Blackburn) - Good signal on indoor dipole. STUART - TELFORD - Same strength as MFM 103.4 VARIOUS GOOD SIGNAL REPORTS FROM BLACKPOOL EXCELLENT SIGNAL IN PRESTON CENTRE (outdoor aerial) JULIAN - CREWE - Picking us up on T.V aerial!??!! GOOD SIGNAL IN MACCLESFIELD CENTRE GOOD SIGNAL ON CLOCK RADIO IN TAMESIDE BOOMING INTO CHESTER "The strongest thing on the band" according to someone listening on car radio. VARIOUS GOOD REPORTS FROM WIRRAL & LIVERPOOL Also we've had calls from STOKE ON TRENT, GARSTANG, SKEM, BOLTON, PRESTWICH, SWINTON & SOUTHPORT. RDS working well... Next North West England TX scheduled for 3/10/98 @ 8PM. We are also planning a TX in LONDON this week sometime.."



DX Information from the British DX Club.

From Nigel Watkinson. Monday 10th August 1998

"Cruise 1 heard last night from 10pm with a test transmission on 106.5, on a journey from N Wales to central Manchester.  From tune-in just West of Rhyl for the rest of the journey the signal was rock solid, except for a slight bit of flutter at the M56/M6 junction.

I got the impression though that the transmission was coming from the North Wales area as the strength was slightly lower in Manchester.   They obviously have a very good site somewhere.  Announced 1kW transmitter power, and frankly I wouldn't be suprised if that were true.

As an aside when I turned on the car radio this morning on the same channel there was some splatter audible which turned out to be Vibe FM on 106.4. Never heard that here before but managed to listen fairly well al the way into Central Manchester. "

Nigel Watkinson. British DX Club

Last time Gary Hogg reported :

"I did a comparison of the signal strengths here of some of the legal stations. Cruise was about 5, Merseyside 2, Classic FM (101.1) 4, All BBC radio from Holme Moss 4, Key 103 1. The only stronger ones were Red Rose and Radio Wave. Intriguing!!"`


Pirate FM 102.2 have been on most evenings from 24th August testing, and have promised regular Monday broadcasts.

Thety have made regular appearances during December and are on daily over the Chrismas period with Dave Collins, Radar Roy, Cliff Wilson and DJ Straighty.

Merseyside FM Stations

87.8 RAW FM Dance Music Station. Occasional Sundays.

102.2 Pirate FM. 1980's + mixed Music.Occasional Sundays. with Dave Collins, DJ Kaos and Ming*. They have been testing from 24th August in the evenings. The DJ heard on August 26th was DJ Straighty with "The Monging Out Zone". No comment ! They were on August Bank Holiday Monday 31st August in the evening also. Pirate FM is now on daily over the Christmas period with Radar Roy from North Coast Radio..

They were last heard on New Years Eve.

Tel:0151 513 1409.

*DJ Kaos and Ming have now gone to CFM.

105.4 Sexy FM. Testing. Occasionally. (The signal isn't so sexy)

105.4 Studio FM .Occasional evenings, with Steve Bishop and Gary Noble. last heard on Sat 2nd May 1998 @ 0320. This is a unique station which reached cult status when they were recorded and re-broadcast by CDFM. Their Noble and Bishop show has to be heard to be believed.

105.4 Merseywaves ? (60's Music) 3/5/98 @ 0215 and 5/5/98 @ 0230 testing only.

106.1 Sound FM testing on 14/3 + 21/3/99 with DJ KAOS and Steve Moorcroft. Regular Weekends.

106.2 The Black Shadow with the famous Bert Williams has been testing again (23/3/99) with an oldies format.

106.2 Tower FM was on over the Christmas holidays with Bert Williams and Steve Bishop. They have returned on 23 March.

Tower have not been heard since 30/12. It has also been reported that Steve Bishop was on in the morning of 30/12, 'rather the worst for drink'. They did return during January and February.

106.35 Pure FM were on 30th and 31st August playing continuous dance music. The purpose their transmission on Bank Holiday Monday 31st August was apparently intended to jam Concept FM's output on 106.4. (Get a life, Rodent Features !)

106.4 Concept FM new frequency. 30/8 @ 0030+31/8 @ 1800-0130. Mixed music and free radio news.

106.4 Vibe FM from Dublin was heard here on Merseyside on 20/09 @ 0008. 1998 with a Dance Music format.

106.4 CFM heard from 8th January with a dance format followed by a full days transmission on Sunday 8th January. It continues to do regular weekends.

106.5 Cruise One have announced regular transmissions on the first Saturday of every month starting in Saturday 5th September from 8PM. They were testing on 5th July @ 0030 + 2115. Also 9th August @ 2030 UTC. They also appeared on Saturday October 3rd. and were heard by us from 2030 BST. Reception reports to : Cruise One, 9 Watergate, Audenshaw, Tameside, Manchester, M34 5QP or Email them. The scheduled broadcast on 7/11/98 was cancelled. The next scheduled broadcast was to have been 5th December but there is an RSL on 106.6 until December 12th. We have since heard there are no immediate plans for a return of Cruise.


106.5 Concept FM With RDS 'CONCEPT'. were on Sunday 27/12, also New Years Eve 31/12 and Sunday 3rd Jan. on high power.


106.5 (and various test frequencies)COMMODORE CFM Radio are planning to transmit 24 hours 7 days a week on 106.40 Mhz. from   Dec 22 - Jan 99 Onwards. The line -up will include DJ Chaos and Richie C. More announcements to follow..

Regular evening tests have now started and Steve Mason has now joined the station with others to follow. They were off on New Years Eve and haven't been heard upto now.

106.6 Pure FM. Occasional Evenings with Steve Mason.

106.7 Concept FM Mixed Music and free radio news 1st and 2nd January, plus 4th May EMAIL Concept has been off on Bank Holiday Monday (25/05/98) due to Silk FM on 100W from Macclesfield on 106.9. There was no Easter broadcast either due to an RSL (Shore FM from Rhyl) on 106.6. They were on August Bank Holiday Monday

106.9 CFM 1/8 @2330. Mostly dance music with Dave Moore


Have we missed any ? Email us !