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Updated to 16 January 2000



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Regular Weekend Stations In The MERSEYSIDE Area.

Latest on Merseyside
Regular Weekend Stations In The MERSEYSIDE Area.
102.2 Pirate FM heard occasional evenings and weekends

106.5 Laser UK has been testing on higher power from 15 January.

106.7 Unidentified station testing occasionally. (probably Bert Williams)

Stations heard at Xmas and New year
Mostly in the evenings

106.25 Central FM. Heard on 03/01/00 from 1200 with some of the original crew inc. Phill Davies, Mark Evans Jim Brown and Tom Webb.
106.4 Concept Radio (Millenuim Broadcast on 31/12 with Jim Lowe and Keith.)
106.5 Laser hot hits Heard on 25/12. (also reported to have been on 104.7 and 105.00)
106.7 WABC Music Radio 31/01 @ 2030. Not much is known about this station.
On 03/01/00 they were playing free radio extracts.
105.9 Sound FM (with DJ Kaos, Steve Moorcroft &Co.)
Short wave:
6275 Laser Hot Hits (Essex) with a 60's format.
Radio Merlin (Shortwave pirate) now has a website:

From Steve Moorcroft December 1999

Well where do I start.

87.9 Fri eve - Sound FM
99.8 Sat eve - Lazer UK (Radar)
102.2 Fri + Sat eve - Lazer UK
105.9 Sat + Sun Sound FM (low power tests)
106.1 Fri eve - Lazer UK
106.1 Sat AM + Sun PM - CRI
106.2 Sat eve - Lazer UK
106.4 Fri + Sat - Vodka FM (CFM sponsored by Smirnoff !)
106.5 Fri + Sat eve - Lazer UK

Things are getting quite busy!

Bert seems to have teamed up with Dave Moore and what happed is Roy put on 106.5 and then Dave Moore turned on 106.4 with a dead carrier to try and block Roy.

Roy then turns on 102.2 + 106.1 as a show of strength. Saturday he moved to 99.8 to annoy Bert I think 'cause of the thing on 106.4. Things are getting busy !

From Steve Moorcroft (Sound FM)

"Pulse" To Return as CFM

At approx 21.00 hrs Monday 13th September Pulse F.M were raided by the DT I. They have recently made the following announcement on their website:

"Commodore F.M. 1982 - 2000 - Never ending story...... Free radio is the Buzz....
Pulse F.M Raided due to poor Internal relations!!!!! CFM 106.40 RETURNS WITH C.C.LEE AS Manager From January 2000. TESTS Before follow. Email for details" or check out their website:

(Original Information via Steve Moorcroft)

Anyone with any further information please email me

1422 Khz. Liverpool Pirate Radio with Phill Davies. Most weekend afternoons. Signal was stronger on Sun 4/06/99, and was the strongest ever on Sunday 8/8/99. The station has a Bootle mailing address and was giving out a mobile phone number. They were also appealing for an amplifier to enable them to speak live on air(Oldies/Rock Music). The signal has increased in strength recently. On 12/09, the transmitter had drifted to 1425 but the modulation was louder, although a little distorted. The station was also heard on 4/09 in Poulton-le-Fylde (just north of Blackpool) by Gary Hogg. LPR was testing on Sun 2/10/99.

105.9 Sound FM. with Steve Moorcroft, DJ Chaos, Richie C. etc. (Dance Music). On regular weekends plus bank holiday Monday 30/08/99. They were also heard in Poulton le- Fylde by Gary Hogg. They are planning a return. To find out more, why not email them?

106.1 CDFM were testing with RDS on Bank Holiday Monday 30/08/99

106.1 Central Radio has been testing with a strong signal relaying local ILR Radio City. The station was noted on 16/07 @ 2030 BST, and has recently been playing pre- recorded shows with Jim Brown. Jim Brown also did a live transmission on 23/08 at 2230 BST. A station was heard on Sun. 12/09 with continous dance music which was probably them. Heard testing on 1-2/10/99

106.2 Unidentified Station with Bert williams Heard on 18th + 19th October.

106.2 Pure FM has been on occasional Tuesday evenings and occasionally drifts to 106.3. Now we know what RDS stands for. Random Drift System! Thanks to Steve Moorcroft for this info.

106.4 Pulse FM with Dave Moore, Alan C., Radar Roy, Dave Collins etc. (Dance/Chart Music). Heard on Sunday 11/07/99. and 18/07 plus regular Sundays since. The format also includes a Country and Western show with Kenny G. on Sunday. Thay also appeared on B/H Monday 30/08/99. You can usually hear them testing on Friday evenings and they sometimes do a Saturday format also, as well as their usual Sunday appearances. Pulse was also heard in Poulton-le Fylde by Gary Hogg on 4/09. They were raided on 13/09/99.

106.5 Unidentified station heard over the weekend of 2-3 October.

106.5 Pulse FM 19/09 at 2130 BST testing.

To find out more Email:


Gary Hogg reports from the Fylde Coast 26/06.99

Sound FM were heard on 105.7MHz for one weekend, then seem to have moved up to 105.8.  Perhaps they were a bit close to Century.  Not heard
anything else here from Merseyside over the past few weeks.

Phantom FM have been heard again during the past week on 107.0MHz from
the Lancaster area.  They are possibly student at the University judging
by the comments heard.  The signal is quite reasonable here with an
outside aerial (15 miles away).  Music seems to be mainly dance type and

High pressure has brought FM signals in from Eire this week.  Pirate
stations heard include Radio Dublin (100.0), KISS FM Dublin (105.8),
Vibe FM Dublin(106.4) and Energy 106 (Monaghan - the strongest)
(106.6).  A friend heard some other stations on a trip to West Scotland
on Monday, including Radio North (Donegal)(103.9), Energy 106 (106.6 and
107.7), KISS FM Dundalk (106.0) and Tyrone Community Radio (107.4

Some of the Dublin stations are closing at the end of June in order to
try for one of the 6 licenses on offer, so it may be the last chance to
hear some in their present form.

(Gary Hogg, Poulton Le Fylde)