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Compiled by Jim Lowe from Newspaper Articles

Liverpool Pirate Radio 1404 Khz

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Liverpool Pirate Radio

Liverpool Echo,Thursday October 29th 1987

Bedroom Radio Station Busted

Liverpool Pirate Radio had a captive audience within weeks of hitting the airwaves - many of its listeners were inmates at Walton Jail. But Pirate "Phill Davies" and his mates were scuppered when Government investigators started tuning in as well.

They raided the station which had been set up in a back bedroom of his home in Norris Green. And at Liverpool magistrates court, the 40-year-old jobless father of four pleaded guilty to setting up the illegal station and using it from April this year. But while he admitted he knew it was against the law, "Davies" said he did not think he was doing any harm.

His solicitor Mr Tony Ostrin said: "He made sure he did not interfere with any other broadcasts especially emergency transmissions. "He was keen to run the station professionally and believed he did so with the help of local unemployed lads who enjoyed making the best of their free time."

He said that in the three weeks Live Pirate Radio broadcast on 215 metres, the stations selection of golden oldies and rock music built up a substantial following . And Mr Ostrin submitted a selection of letters from happy listeners to the court. "Many of them came from Walton Jail," he said. People from all sections of the community enjoyed this music-only station."

"Davies" was fined 100 Pounds and ordered to pay 50 pounds costs.

Liverpool Echo,Thursday October 29th 1987