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Pirate Files

Compiled by Jim Lowe from Newspaper Articles

Radio Veronica


Liverpool Daily Post Monday 23rd March 1983

Radio Veronica


By Alan Qualtrough

A Wirral pirate radio station went back on the air yesterday, only hours after a police raid. Home office officials and police confiscated equipment worth more than 1000 Pounds at the weekend when the pirate station Radio Veronica was traced to a flat in a tower block on Birkenhead's Ford Estate.

But yesterday Woodchurch man "Steven Bishop" and friend "Mike Campbell" vowed to keep broadcasting. "I'll continue until I go to jail if necessary. Even that will not stop me",said "Steven" aged 20, a play leader. And with help from friends "Nick Catford" (18) and "Andy Davies", Merseyside Free Radio hit the airwaves with equipment set up in cardboard boxes and transmitted via aerials hidden in trees.

The station switches location each broadcast to avoid detection by the authorities and claims reception reaches Wigan, the Isle Of Mann and North Wales. "Today's broadcast is for the cause of free radio ", said "Andy". "We're campaigning for a licence but it will not be granted. Only the BBC and IBA get one. It's unfair" The group claim the station is non-profit making and has no advertising. "There is so much space on the Medium Wave We do nobody any harm", added "Andy"

(Liverpool Daily Post 23/05/91)