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Concept News

Pirate Files

Compiled by Jim Lowe from Newspaper Articles



Liverpool Echo Friday November 29th 1991

New pirates sail the charity airwaves.

Pirates have stopped broadcasting on a charity station's wavelength. But they have been replaced by another illegal outfit. Staff at Radio Cracker, due on at noon tomorrow (30/11/91), were celebrating a call from Choice FM, in Toxteth.

The caller promised that the station would keep the airwaves clear to help Radio Cracker raise thousands of pounds for starving children in the Third World. But the charity station's engineers discovered later that their 101FM frequency was being blocked by other pirates playing ethnic music.

"We have no idea where they are broadcasting from ", said Radio Cracker press officer Steve Goddard. Film star Margi Clarke officially launched radio Cracker yesterday.

(Liverpool Echo Friday 29/11/91)