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The Encrusted Bachelors Club


Welcome to the official Bachelors Club Homepage

Sunday Meetings 2002 at Stormlamp HQ



Attended by


Mr Stormlamp Jim Lowe, Tom Webb, The Hermit.


Mr Stormlamp, Jim Lowe & Tom Webb


Mr Stormlamp & Jim Lowe. It has been decided that Tom Webb's absence could become a diciplinary matter.


Mr. Stormlamp  & Jim Lowe only.  There may be a need for a non-attendance crisis meeting - if we can get anyone to turn up !


Mr. Stormlamp & Jim Lowe. The last edition of Communications World (a program about Shortwave etc.) was listened to and it was decided to listen to Glenn Hausers World of Radio next week. 


Mr Stormlamp, Jim Lowe & The Hermit.  encrusted Motorcycles were discussed as well as Lada's etc.  Also Mr. Stormlamp has purchased a modern Radio/Cassette/CD/ unit which was also reviewed.