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CFM. A brief History


CFM, or Radio Commodore, to give it the original title started in 1983 with Dave Moore, Phill Smith, Steve Mason, Tony West and Mark W.

They were on regular Saturdays during 1984-85, then Dave Moore and the other DJ's went on to Radio Julie in 1986, and Commodore only made an occasional appearance during this time.

In 1994, the station was renamed CFM.   Alan C. joined the station and so did Dave Collins, DJ KAOS and Dave Kelly, Richie C. plus many others.

CFM was on higher power and attracted many listeners playing  the latest dance tunes plus other oldies progs from Dave Collins and a Country show from Kenny G.

Alan C' did a popular phone-in on Sundays which was also very popular.

CFM was raided several times but always managed to return within a few weeks. They did plan a return but due to problems with locations and funding, it never made it on air on a regular basis.

In 1997, the station relaunched as The Pulse but  folded due to 'poor internal relations' 


More recently CFM  has returned on low power on 99.8 

There is no current website for this station.

Jim Lowe