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 The Jim Lowe Editorials 2002

The Jim Lowe Editorial 20 Jan 2002

With Christmas well and truly over, it is now time to reflect on the last 12 months

The Merseyside free radio scene has been a lot better with a less hassle with frequencies. The only station, which was affected, was Hot FM, which got raided when it was on 106.2. This was almost certainly because the RSL station Flame FM was about to use the frequency on 1st September for 28 days.

Another nail in the coffin for the pirate band was the arrival if KCR  (Knowsley Community Radio on 106.7 on 16th June 2001.

Most of the free radio operators have actually co-operated by managing their frequencies and, as a result there has been little or no hassle.

Sound FM has been on most weekends and so has the low powered LPR.  Lazer UK has been on quite a few Sundays on high power also.

Central has remained on 104.7 since High Rise FM stopped using it and Pirate FM has made a few appearances on 102.2. Another obscure station has been CFM on 99.8. Reception is poor as the signal is so week but if you like Dave Moore's sense of humor, you will probably tolerate the interference from adjacent channels.

Those Automated Incrementals

I have noticed quite a bit of automation on the incremental stations, especially KCR and Wish FM (107.2). Sometimes these stations are obviously unattended and you hear the news jingle followed by 2 minutes of silence.

Even on KCR I heard the same sort of thing happening during a live show where the news jingle was 1 minute early followed by a minute's silence, then a track was played and suddenly the news came in about half way through!

Whatever happened to continuity? The best policy is, when something goes wrong, you just keep talking. Silence will just make people tune elsewhere.

"Tragic" 1548

I notice a lot more syndicated program's on the de-localized Magic 1548 of late. The worse one being a show from Richard Skinner followed by an hour of non-stop music. Have they really dumped the good local presenters to make way for this or is it just radio on the cheap?

Their audience must be very low except when they cover football.

Atlantic 252 Bites The Dust

Atlantic 252 has finally gone to the wall and the frequency has now been taken over by Team Talk 252, a mainly sports station.

You can always tell when a station is not doing well when they get young pretentious DJ's who talk in a totally false voice with a cacophony of cliché's.

You know who you are !

Jim Lowe.  21st January 2002