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 Free Radio


 BBC Radio Jingles     

General Interest

 Local RSL & National Radio

Software & Computer Related

 Companies & Organisations 

 DX Clubs & Publications

Companies And Organisations

Sandpiper Aerials Manufacturere of Antennas and related equipment.

VT Plc  (Formerly Merlin Communications) This is the company which runs the BBC's transmitter network.

NTL Information about NTL's services inc. Digital TV

SBS This site features stations using SBS installations

ofcom licence listings and news

DJ Resources

FM  Everything for the DJ

Hospital Radio Hospital Radio Resources. Includes Software

DX Clubs and Publications




The Radio Magazine This is a new site featuring headlines from this weekly radio industry publication as well as some reader offers.

General Interest

BBC Radio Jingles  Featuring jingles from the 60's to the 90's plus some important landmarks in BBC radio in Real Audio.   Well worth a look. Radio related site. Includes free radio and amatuer radio also

Real Audio Clips Free Radio clips from Merseyside.

Tom Slemen's Timeslips All About The Paranormal

Media Zoo Radio and other media news.

Rocket Network Rock gigs and related.

Earth and Moon Viewer Not really ralated to radio but well worth a look. View the earth from a satellite of your choice!

The World Right Now View live pictures worldwide.

NASA Space Shuttle and solar images

Jingleweb Links to jingle companies inc. the now defunct Alfasound.

Radio Days Timelines, Radio News, Drama, Links, Logs, Feedback

Software & Computer Related

Windows Washer removes all those cache files, and other files that clog up your hard drive. Also clears your history files. Very useful !

Norton 2000 Millenium Bug Test & Fix. Don't dump that 486 !

Hot Dog HTML Editor Download the shareware version. (HTML mode)

Short Wave Logging DXtreme Software

Locoscript A DOS Word Processor !

A Guide To PC Motherboards

Local, RSL and National Radio

Manchester Radio Stations Includes Merseyside ILR's Etc.

  1. Atlantic 252 See their website and download some Windows wallpaper .

  2. BBC RADIO MERSEYSIDE Includes a history of this first BBC local radio station, plus the faces behind the voices.
  3. DUNE FM MERSEYSIDE 107.9 in the Southport area.
  4. DXING.COM: The Web Resource for Radio Hobbyists
  5. EMAP See their radio section.
  6. Juice FM (Liverpool)
  7. Nevis FM
  8. WIRE FM Warrington ILR Station 

Free Radio


Central Radio (Merseyside UK)

DARC - Pirate Radio In Dublin - punk, diy,sound clips

Lazer UK A north west dance station

Merseyland Alternative Radio The famous pirate station now on line

Radio Pirate Woman back

The Scene 102.2 (Merseyside UK)

Radio Xanadu - The Rock Station (Merseyside UK)

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