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A Weekly News Letter featuring the latest news from The Midlands

Updated Sunday, October 29, 2000

22 October 2000

The Monday-Thursday part of the week was fairly busy with a number of stations heard broadcasting (Passion fm, Kriss fm, PCRL, Max fm, Premiere fm, Sting fm and Unique from Nottingham)
Friday night seemed to get off to quite a good start with most of the stations on air by about 7:30pm however there were also a few stations missing those missing included Groove fm,Unique fm,Max fm and Skyline (Groove missing due to a raid)
Saturday morning was VERY quiet with only Mix fm broadcasting there were no other stations on air however by around lunchtime on Saturday a few stations had started to reappear those included Kriss fm, Kool fm and Premiere
Throughout the rest of Saturday afternoon/evening most of the stations started to reappear by Saturday evening the following stations were on air: Sangham, Real fm, Passion, Kriss fm, PCRL, Kool fm, Dimension fm, Mix fm, Rhythm fm, Vibe fm?, Premiere radio, & Sting fm
There were however still a few stations missing: Skyline, Groove, Unique (west midlands), Max fm, Silk city fm
Sunday, most stations were on the air however Mix fm was now off air and all the stations that were missing on Saturday(apart from Max fm) were still missing on Sunday, Dimension fm were running a few test transmitions on Sunday afternoon also later on Sunday Max fm was heard back on the air on 105.8 and also a station was heard testing on 106.2 playing reggae late on Sunday night.

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