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Older News from 1998 Onwards

Easter Weekend 2000

105.9 Sound FM. DJ KAOS announced that Sound would be on regular weekends in

future.(24/04 @ 1430.)

106.2 Dance FM heard testing 24\04 @ 1345 with just music.

106.2 Central Radio with Jim Brown. Heard 23\04 @ 1630. They were on Easter Monday also (24/4 @ 1200-midnight

106.5 Unidentified Station heard 24/04 @ 2330.

106.7 Tower Radio testing 24\04 @ 2200 with old jingles featuring the voice

of Paul Jay.

106.7 (probably WABC)heard on the same time as Tower

106.2 Dance FM good audio but low signal.  Heard on 15/04/00 at

22:50 for a few minutes asking people to send them text messages.

(Heard in the Wirral area with indoor antenna.)(From Geoff Thompson)

Dance FM was also heard by Steve Owen from WABC (See Below)

106.2 Central FM was testing on Sunday 9th April @ 1800 BST.

106.5 Lazer Hot Hits was raided recently and has been doing a series of low power tests. A spokesman for Lazer said they should be back on a regular basis "soon".

From Steve Owen WABC 106.7

WABC Plan To Relay RNI Webcast

Thursday night/Friday morning heard through the noise on the medium wave on 1575khz 190m the close down of Radio Northsea (RSL),could not make out who it was sounded like either Carl Mitchel or Paul Maclaren.

Friday evening around 21:55pm heard again RNI,too much interferance from an Italian station,this subsided around 23:50pm could only just hear RNI.

On Saturday 15th at 22:00hrs heard on 3.395mhz 76metres what was first thought to be a relay of RNI,turned out to be someone broadcasting a tape of RNI from the Mebo II March 8th 1970,quality not bad at all,heard at least 3hours of the station which identified as Laser HotHits.A very interesting station,good programming.

To day Sunday 16th April,not a lot heard except for what appears to be LPR Liverpool Pirate Radio some where between 1420 and 1431khz210/211m,modulation very poor and almost no signal strength even with a 100ft aerial connected to the receiver.Receivers in use are Trio 9R-59DS 550khz-30mhz and also Matsui digital portable,150-281khz LW/520-1620khz MW/1500khz-30.000mhz SW and FM 87.5-108mhz.

Both of these receivers give account of them selves.regards Steve.

(WABC may be on this bank holiday with it's own programs and relays of RNI via the internet.

Cheers,bye for now.

(Steve Owen WABC)

Notice of Intent.

Notice to all free radio stations, Please keep the frequency 106.7mhz clear.WABC Music Radio will be testing within the next 2 to 3 weeks in preparation for transmissions through the Easter & Summer holidays.

WABC will be using an output power of 100 watts,the test format will consist of non stop music with email/mailing address and phone number being given at regular intervals. During the Easter holidays WABC Music Radio can be heard transmitting in the shortwave bands.

(From Steve Owen WABC)

See the WABC Information Page at:

Regular Weekend Stations In The MERSEYSIDE Area.

102.2 Pirate FM heard occasional evenings and weekends. (Not heard recently)

105.9 Sound FM Dance Music. Now back at weekends


106.5 Lazer UK has been on regular evenings from 15 January with an all dance format. Email

106.7 Unidentified station testing occasionally. (probably Bert Williams)

Stations heard at Xmas and New year

Mostly in the evenings

106.25 Central FM. Heard on 03/01/00 from 1200 with some of the original crew inc. Phill Davies, Mark Evans Jim Brown and Tom Webb.

106.4 Concept Radio (Millenuim Broadcast on 31/12 with Jim Lowe and Keith.)

106.5 Lazer hot hits Heard on 25/12. (also reported to have been on 104.7 and 105.00). Email:

106.7 WABC Music Radio 31/01 @ 2030. On 03/01/00 they were playing free radio extracts. See their new web page at:


105.9 Sound FM (with DJ Kaos, Steve Moorcroft &Co.) Email: Website:

Short wave:

6275 Lazer Hot Hits (Essex) with a 60's format.

Radio Merlin (Shortwave pirate) now has a website:

Station M did a memorial transmission for Tom Lodge on 90.3 FM on the evening of August Bank Holiday 30th August 1999.

Presenters included Dave Wilson, Roger Dee & co.

Reception reports to:

They are planning another transmission on higher power.

Thanks to Dave Wilson for this information.