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2001 Logs  


87.7 Concept was on 26/12 @ 1900-0100 and testing 30/12 @ 0038 to 0200 and should be on again @ 1800.

104.7 Central Radio has was on 30/12 @ 1600.

105 Liverpool pirate Radio was on 29/12 @ 1500 and was heard closing down

30/12 @ 1530.


Concept 87.7 New Year Scedule

Here is tonight's schedule:

7:05 Kenny Everett documentary

8:00 Jim Lowe's Fee Radio Bits

8:25 Haloween Highlights

9:00 The Webb & Lowe Christmas Show (Rpt.)

11:00 Jim Lowe's New Year Show with a live link up to Tom Webb.



87.7 Concept was on 26/12 @ 1900-0100 and testing 30/12 @ 0038 to 0200 and

should be on again @ 1800.

104.7 Central Radio has was on 30/12 @ 1600.

105 Liverpool pirate Radio was on 29/12 @ 1500 and was heard closing down 30/12 @ 1530.


Friday 28/12/01 Stations heard by Ken Wood: 

Relativly quiet, but here is what I have heard over Xmas Period

 106.3FM Sound F.M 24 hour Dance/House/Trance Very Good Signal 

104.7FM Central Good Signal, but seemed a bit low in audio ?  Playing oldies/chart 

102.2FM Pirate F.M Various music from the charts and the hills are alive etc etc....

105.0FM L.P.R Just about audible to me....Playing old chart

99.8 FM VERY POOR QUALITY, broadcasting archive tapes from the 80's Radio Merseywaves. ??? Does anyone claim to be behind this ???

 90.2 Unidentified station playing new chart music

105.9FM Lazer U.K Upfront House/Trance also being re-layed on 106.3FM (Sun only)


Latest on 25/12 @ 1240

105.00 LPR is on today (25/12) with an oldies format

106.3 was on 25/12 but went off @ 1232

Check out 87.7 later today as well



Stations heard by Paul Atkinson

104.7 UNID music - assume Central testing

106.3 Lazer UK - relay on 99.9 just about audable

106.5 Dimension FM (from Midlands) - again just about audable -



102.2 Pirate FM 22/12 @ 2130

104.7 Central FM are reported to have been testing 22/12 @ approx 1600.

105.00 LPR 22/12@ 1430

105.9 Sound FM 22/12 @ 1700

106.3 Lazer UK 22/12 @ 2350

Lazer linked to Sound Fm @ around 1 AM


105.9 Lazer UK 9/12 @ 2140

102.2 Pirate FM heard 18/11 @ 2115 playing chart and late 80's music.

105.9 Sound FM? 18/11 @ 2105 Signal weaker than usual.


106.2 Central FM 106.2 (18/11 @ 1758). 


87.7 Concept FM 4/11 @ 1900-0200 with the Halloween Special.



106.3 Sound FM have been heard here from around 1400.

106.3 Unidentified station playing dance stuff (probably Dance FM) @ 1145

LPR were on 105 as usual @ around 1130



3 stations heard today:

102.2 Pirate FM @1705

105.00 LPR @ 1135

105.9 Sound FM @ 1230

Terrible signal and low modulation from God FM (Flame)as well. What a waste of




104.7 Central 2/1 @ 1645

105.00 LPR 2/1 @ 1230

105.00 Tower Radio 2/1 @ 1700

105.9 Sound FM 31/8 @ 0030 cont. to 2/9

106.2 Hot FM were raided sometime on Friday 31/8, according to Bert Williams.

Hot FM had been on 24-7 operation for about a month.

Here is a message posted onSat 1/9/01:

The Merseyside Reggae station Hot FM has been raided on Friday 31st August.

The station had been broadcasting 24 hours for over a month.

This raid may have been due to an RSL coming on Saturday 1st September.

Flame FM 106.2.

If you know any other pirate operators in the Merseyside area, please inform

them ASAP.



87.7 Concept FM testing @ 1400 (Not a very original name !)

105.00 LPR @ 1130

105.9 Sound FM @ 1215

106.1 Hot FM 24 Hr Cont.

Central 104.7 are reported to have been testing on Saturday and will be on

B/H Monday according to on air announcements.


Mon 30/8/01

This message via Steve Owen:

Important Notice to all Stations..


Tonights news direct from South Flintshire Radio engineer Martin

Ellett,South Flintshire Radio is being granted another licence for use on

the frequency of 106.3mhz.

The paper work is already in progress of passing through the relevent

departments and I have been asked to pass on the details to all other

stations who use the fm broadcast band to stay clear from 106.3mhz as from

this day Sunday 12th of August 2001.

The dti will be monitoring 87.7 and 106.3mhz,South Flintshire Radio is due

back on the air it is hoped around the end of this month and again in




Stations heard this weekend

Sat 16.30 104.7 Stereo - Central Radio

Sat 00:10 99.8 Mono - Unid station playing dance music

Sun 18:45 99.9 Mono - Unid station playing reggae (Possibly something to do

with 106.1??)

Sun 11.15 106.4 Stereo - Dance Fm

Sun 11.15 106.1 Mono - Hot Fm

Sun 11.15 105.0 Mono - L.P.R

Regards. Steve Moorcroft



There is a station on 106.4 (Tue 7/8 @ 0043) playing early 80's music.

The music is too old to be Steve Mason.

Any ideas?



Dave Moore is currently on 99.8 signal strength is poor. Have a 

listen as things usually get interesting as the evening progreeses 

and more vodka is consumed :-) Steve Moorcroft


Concept is on Tonight (8/7/01) from 7PM to midnight

Stations heard last night 7 July

87.7 Unid station - Stereo

102.2 Pirate Fm - Stereo

106.1 Hot Fm - Mono

Due to technical problems Sound Fm have had to remain off air this weekend but

are confident of returning this coming Friday.

Regards. Steve Moorcroft



Looks like the God squad have been dippin into the collection plate yet again.

Flame FM on the Wirral

106.2 - Birkenhead 

Christian radio service 

On air from 01 Sep 2001 to 28 Sep 2001 


Lazer & Sound Launch Party This Weekend !

Friday 29 June - Sound FM

Saturday 30 June Lazer UK

Entrance Just £1-00

This Weekend we are holding a launch party to celebrate the re-launch of

Sound FM & Lazer (Fri-Sound) (Sat-Lazer) all memebers and their close

friends/associates are welcome.

The night will be held at ASTONS DANCE BAR- Birkenhead opp Central

Roundabout, Wilbraham St. Doors open at 9pm-2am and it all gets going at

about 10.30pm Music policy is upfront Garage/House/Trance.

Entrance is JUST 1 POUND, and ALL drinks 1 pound b4 11pm....Bargain or what!

Smart dress, R.O.A.R

Hope to see as many of you there,

Best Regards' Ken Wood (Lazer) Woodsy (Sound)



Sound FM are on 105.9 with a strong signal 

 There is also another station on 106.00. No ID as yet.

 (21\6 @ 2249)


Mon 28/6/01


Neil Clark reports there will be no longer be longer be any RSL's in the

North West on 106.6 from the New Year. In Liverpool, 106.3 will be the

highest allocation & roughly in an area 30 miles from Liverpool, 106.5 may

be allocated. This is due to Knowsley FM coming on air, using 106.7 MHz (a

new full time ILR).

Also, according to Roy Woodward, it won't be TOO long before 106.2 ceases to

be available for RSL usage in the north of England - the second Yorkshire

regional (analogue) [Emley Moor] should be awarded mid 2001 and be on-air by

late 2001/early 2002. Idle and Tapton Hill are expected to use 106.6, so

that should put a crimp in the use of 106.5 in the north west. So there will

be little or no space at that part of the dial in the North by the end of

2001. Having said that 107.0 remains an RSL channel in the Burnley & Pendle

area due to local terrain (Silk FM doesn't get into here at all). He expects

most RSL activity from the middle of next year in the north of England to be

in the 87.5 - 87.9 area. Neil Clark adds that he expects that 106.5 will

more likely be the frequency used for Tapton Hill and Idle, thus keeping 300

kHz from Ridings FM in Wakefield, preventing interference. Having said that,

this will only be 100 kHz away from Galaxy at Bilsdale, so maybe 106.6 will

be used from Idle. He knows that Bilsdale doesn't get into Sheffield and

also he believes 106.6 is being allocated for the second East Midlands IRR

(Century 106 does get into Sheffield fairly well), so they'd probably give

100 kHz 'guard' band between the two stations. Neil guesses that with KCR in

Liverpool & the second IRR from Emley Moor, the RA would only be left with

106.4 for Manchester's future RSLs. They stopped allocating 105.8 when High

Hunsley (Galaxy) came on air & never used 106.0 due to Century.


Hi Group.

Just cheked RSL listings 4 and it look like 

T.T.F.M is now due on Wed 6th June.

Regards Steve Moorcroft



Concept was due on tonight (Sunday 10th June) but when they were testing in

the early hours, they received a complaint from someone who works for

Knowsley Community Radio about alleged interference.

A frequency spacing of 3 Kc's is inadequate for the two stations, especially

as some of the KCr presenters live in Wallasey.

Therefore it has been decided to pospone the Concept transmission until the

frequency can be moved.

Tarkwa (105.8) was raided for allegedly interfering with an RSL outside the

area a few years back, even though the RSL (South Flintshire Radio) was not

intended for Wirral.




Pure FM were on 106.45 fri 1/6 @ 0015.

Sreve Mason said they were not on the usual TX or antenna.



I have received a complaint from Dave Collins recently about allegations

that Pirate FM's transmitter is drifting and giving out spurious emissions

on various frequencies. These allegations were supposed to have been made on

the Concept website

I have looked through my files and cannot find any such article. All I can

put it down to is that someone has been passing on opinions expressed by

members of the egroups.

As these groups are closed to the general public, members should not be

passing on information to 'outsiders' because rumours get spread and twisted

around, which results in unnecesary trouble being caused between station


The question is: Does Pirate FM actually give out any Sproggies or harmonics ?

does it drift off frequency ?

your opinions please.


Mon 21/5

is on 105.7 21/5@1900 now playing reggae, weak signal here in city centre but sounds OK Simon. Also heard by Jim Lowe.


I am currently getting Energy 106 on 106.6 from Ireland.

(21/5 @ 2243)



Did anyone hear Fuzed FM from Warrington on 87.7 (an RSL)? It was on Tuesday

and Wednesday of last week.

Also is anyone getting anything from The Bee 106.0 (Blackburn) when Sound FM

isn't on? Simon.


Sat 12/5/01

KCR are now off (Fri 11/5 @ 2315)

Sound FM 105.9 are on with just cont. music so far. 




Hi Group, Here is a piece of info from the R.S.L list from the R.A website:

Talkin Toxteth fM

87.9 - Liverpool 

Community consultation exercise to educate and inform residents in 


On air from 21 May 2001 to 17 Jun 2001 

Contact: Tony Oliva 

Telephone: 0151 707 9614 


Fri 11/5/01

I see Pure FM have moved to 106.4.

They were on last night (Friday 11/05 @ 0030.

They had a female presenter who gave out the following contact details:

Mobile: 07881 880877


Not much power here (no S reading)


Fri 11/5/01

Station M.

Hi Jim,just had a look at your new site,it look great....well done.Ok for

some news on the smi special,spoke to Roger Dee this afternoon,as it now

turns out the broadcast in October will more than likely not take place on

fm,it will no doubt be on medium wave were it originated,but the way things

are going there is the possabillity that it just may be cancelled altogether.

As for morningstar doing a final broadcast....well I'll let you know whats

going to happen shortly,as dr boogie says..."morningstar was born on fm,and

thats were it should die...r.i.p".

ZSo we may make this bank holiday the final one,cant compete any more

because the situation will get worst,so as I cant go down the band below 104

because the power drops off,and we cant go up the band because of 106.7

KCR,???????/,so where do we go....dont want to upset people,but

nova/morningstar have used 106.5 for a while,but I guess it's time to call

it a day,because too much competition.

Very nice site...Steve.



Pure FM are on 106.4 (18/5 @ 0033) Slight buzz on modulation.


Sun 6/5/01

existing members of Pirate Heads will be unsubscribed as part of our 

reorganisation of the egroups


Sat 12/2/01

This message is via Mark Johnson ,

(west Midlands Radio Email Group)

The DTI have been out yet again and raided most of the Birmingham area

stations those raided are:

Mix fm

Kool fm

Sangham fm

Sting fm

Silk city fm

Heat fm

However, there has been a surprising turnout of pirates this weekend.