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Concept News

Wirral Community Radio 106.2

This was Wirrals first RSL which was on 6th May to 7th June 1995

Pictures by Jim Lowe

JD and Mrs, Sloan, (Below ). presented a two headed show on weekdays 3 to 4PM .

Another regular was Bill Hughes (Below ) was on 4 to 5 PM and is seen here with one of his many guests. The studios were at Cleveland Street Birkenhead.

This is the WCR main transmitter site at Bidston Observatory on the Wirral. This was an excellent take-off point and reception was possible along the North Wales and Fylde Coast. There was also a reception report from Cannock in Staffordshire.

A close up view of the WCR antennas. The one in the centre is the main 106.2 antenna and below is the 3 element link reciever antenna.

The following letter appeared in the Wirral Globe on August 6th 2001

It looks like WCR won't be back. Unfortunately, you can't fund a station on promises.

On the positive side, some WCR presenters went on to commercial radio. these included Chris Fisher, Phill Rogers and Lawrence Leslie (Will Clarke).

Original photographs by Jim Lowe

These pictures may be reproduced on condition that the originator and source are fully credited.