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Merseyside Free Radio Update 

2002 Logs

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December 2002

Central Radio now has a website at:

December Logs

87.7 Concept FM 24/12 @ 2100 + 26/12 @ 1800-0100 + 29/12 @ 1800-0200 +31/12 @ 2000 - 0330. 

Concept did a test transmission on Xmas Eve followed by a full schedule on Boxing Night with Jim Lowe, Tom Webb  and a special Xmas edition of the Webb & Lowe Show.  There was also a full shedule on Sunday 29th and a New Year Special on New Years Eve with Jim Lowe in the studio and Tom Webb lettin in the New Year live from a venue.  On New Years Day they were also on with repeats of the Hallowenn Special etc. with some live presentation as well.

106.3  Merseyland Alt. Radio (24/12 @ 1956 + 25/12 @ 2018) 60's Music with Bert Williams.


November 2002


Eric Haydock, known on the Merseyside free radio scene for many years as Rick Dane has died on Saturday 16th November 2002.

Rick was best known for the long running Radio Jackie North * , a Medium Wave Rock station which was on air in the mid 1980's with Rick Dane, Steve Bishop and other DJ's.  His most recent radio shows were on Central FM (Merseyside) around Christmas 2001. Central are planning a tribute broadcast.

Any further tributes can be sent to me for inclusion in this section

Jim Lowe

* Here is a link to the DX archive website featuring Audio extracts from Jackie North CLICK HERE


"This is a very sad day for Liverpool's pirate radio community. Rick was one of my idols. I met him once at JB's in 1982 when he was a long haired hippy. That is the way I will remember him.

Rick was also a great supporter of our efforts to keep the airwaves open and free here in North Liverpool. Our sympathies and thoughts go out to Ricks family and loved ones.

God bless Rick! You truly were a Mersey Pirate and all the DJ's from Central Radio will remember you with the utmost respect and love."

Brian Grant (Central FM)


I first met Rick Dane when I went to one of his rock nights at a nightclub in Tuebrook around 1980. He had all the rockers dancing:-)

I had heard him on Radio Jackie North complaining that he had no help, so I gave him my phone number and offered to help....

A while later, he called me, said to meet him at his new gig in Matthew Street, the old Eric's club over the road from the cavern. It was renamed as RJN's Cavern at the time. He put me on the decks for a while and disappeared with a sexy young lady. The very next weekend I was on the air as Steve West on RJN!

At that time it was in some tower blocks on the outskirts of Liverpool, and those blocks were in a state of extreme decay...most flats were empty and boarded up. But Rick had it all sorted, he had keys to the lift shaft and the roof. I'll never forget the time we were putting up a thin wire aerial between the roofs of the two blocks (you FM dudes won't remember the old thin wires for Medium Wave), and he pulled in too much slack.  I had to hang over the edge of a 23 floor building to save it from snapping! But it had taken a half hour to get that damn wire up there, and we were due on the air!  I've been scared of heights ever since...

Rick always used to talk about the early days when he was doing pirate radio in the fields using car batteries and aerials in trees. In those days the GPO (as it was then) used to come out every weekend after him. And the even earlier days when he listened to Radio Caroline and got his inspiration for free radio.

The airwaves will be a much sadder place without him.

R.I.P. my old mate, and thank you for the music.  Radio Jackie North is now closing down. but its playing loud and strong in heaven."

Steve Leyland



106.3 Dance FM 30/11 @ 1155

October 2002

October Logs

Yet another month of RSL's ahead in the North West with the following stations due on:

106.3 -  Illuminations FM Blackpool, Lancs. Blackpool Illuminations

On air from :07/10/02 to 03/11/02

Contact: Esther Morton

Telephone: 01274 203040


105.9 Halton FM  - Runcorn. Community access trial broadcast

On air from :12/10/02 to 08/11/02

Contact: Stephen Parhizgar

Telephone: 0151 423 2455




87.9 Wish You Were Here- Liverpool Arts Festival

On air from :03/11/02 to 24/11/02

Contact: Kelly Large

Telephone: 07796 183 616


Pirate Website Author Prosecuted

From The Radiocommunications Agency:

Press Release - 11th October 2002

The Radiocommunications Agency has successfully prosecuted a Hull man for publishing details of pirate radio broadcasts contrary to the WirelessTelegraphy Act 1949.

Elliott Hawkes (23) of Welwyn Park Avenue, Hull pleaded guilty to his involvement in publishing a website that gave details of unauthorised broadcasts made by the pirate radio station Pure FM.

Mr Hawkes received a 12 month conditional discharge and was ordered to pay total costs of £500.  Agency staff monitored the website and interviewed Mr Hawkes under caution.

October Logs

87.7 Concept FM 31/10 @ 1930 - 0200

99.8 Unidentified test transmission with Bert Williams 12/10 @ 1600.

104.7 Unidentified station playing 60's music 13/10 @ 1140

106.45 Pure FM (Regular Thursdays) Dance.

September 2002


RSL News

Pirate activity will be restricted this month on Merseyside due to an RSL station Flame FM on Wirral 106.2 - Birkenhead.

Christian broadcast focussing on Harvest festival on air from 07/09/02 to 04/10/02 Contact: Norman Polden Telephone: 0151 678 0435 Email:

Check out the RSL Listings Page

London Pirate Fined

Harlesden Man Pleads Guilty To Pirate Radio Offences

From The Radiocommunications Agency

Press Release - 23 September 2002

Adrian McFarlane, 22, of Nichol Road, Harlesden, London was on Wednesday September 18 fined £100 at Brent Magistrates Court.

McFarlane pleaded guilty to charges brought against him under the Wireless Telegraphy Act 1949, relating to operating radio broadcast equipment apparatus without a licence and assisting the operation of the pirate radio station Unique 101.2FM. He was fined £50 on each count and ordered to pay £100 costs. The court ordered forfeiture of all the seized equipment except two records.

Officers from the Radiocommunications Agency traced unlicensed transmissions to Craven Park Road, Harlesden in June 2002 and executed a search warrant granted by Brent Magistrates Court on 8 July 2002.


South East London Men Plead Guilty To Pirate Radio Offences

Press Release - 23 September 2002

Three South East London men's involvement with a pirate radio station has cost them £900 at Bexley Magistrates Court. Samuel Humphreys of Lemay Avenue, Grove Park, SE12 and John Laurie of Wendover Road, Eltham SE9 pleaded guilty on 30 August 2002, to charges brought against them under the Wireless Telegraphy Act 1949, relating to the operation of the pirate radio station Fresh 103.7FM.

Mark Kearns of Davern Close, Greenwich, SE10 also pleaded guilty to the same charges on 13 September. They were each fined a total of £200 and ordered to pay £100 costs. The court also ordered forfeiture of all the seized equipment. Officers from the Radiocommunications Agency acting on complaints traced the pirate radio station Fresh 107.7FM to Applegarth House, Erith and executed a search warrant granted by Bexley Magistrates Court on 9 March 2002. There they found the defendants in the station's studio. All the studio equipment was seized.

From Mike Terry (BDXC-UK)


Barrow CB'er Fined for High Power Transmission using a modified Rig.

Full Story Click Here



Pirate Station Interferes With Air Traffic Control At Heathrow

03 September 2002 by Anthony France

 Hundreds of plane passengers' lives were put at risk by a pirate radio station broadcasting on the same frequency as air traffic control operators, it has emerged.

 The pilot of a jet which was coming in to land at Heathrow last week warned that his instructions from ground control were being drowned out by dance and garage music from a transmitter in south London.

 He was forced to switch to a back-up frequency in order to continue talking to air traffic control, and managed to land the plane safely. 

Telecoms Minister Stephen Timms backed the battle against radio   piracy by joining enforcers in a raid on a south London tower block.

  Read full story: CLICK HERE   © Associated Newspapers Ltd., 03 September 2002


99.7 Merseyland Alternative Radio with Bert Williams playing early 80's music (8/9 @ 1715)

105.9 Dance FM 21/9 @ 1657. (Geoff.Wirral)

106.5 Unidentified station 29/9 @ 2031 Dance Music Possibly Mixology FM or WNGF Chris(Warrington)Steve Moorcroft(Wirral)


August 2002

Pirate activity will be very limited this month due to the following RSL stations in the area:

Jubilee FM 87.7 - Queensferry. To promote the annual Queensferry Fair. On air from :02/08/02 to 11/08/02 Contact: Charles Fletcher Telephone: 07774 405 279 Email

Also Soul FM (Liverpool) is on 106.2 which is the reason for the lack of pirate activity in the area.

Soul FM (UK) 106.2 - Liverpool. Trial service. On air from :01/08/02 to 28/08/02 . Contact: Paul Jeffries Telephone: 0151 625 1537. Email :

Pirate Radio In The USA

Despite Enforcement Actions and Legalized LPFM, Hundreds of Unlicensed Stations Remain on the Air y Naina N. Chernoff WASHINGTON The struggle over access to the public airwaves rages on between unlicensed broadcasters and the FCC. Full story CLICK HERE


Sound FM are planning a return, Bank Holiday Monday 26th August

Last modified by soundfm on Sat Aug 10 15:12:27 2002 GMT

"We will be returning for a special Bank Holiday Monday broadcast. Frequency will be 105.9 Fm. Format will be annouced shortly."

For the latest news, checkout their website:

There is a new fre radio site\forum at:


105.9 Sound FM with KAOS and Steve Moorcroft (26/8 @ 1301)

106.4 Mix-Up FM on  testing on Saturday 10/8/02 @ 8pm. The station will be broadcasting on Thursdays ccording to my sources.

106.45 Mixed Up FM 10/8 @ 2254. Reported by Geoff on the Wirral. This station was weak and they were mentioning people in Warrington. This station is also mentioned on the Sound FM forum.  Also reported by Ash 10/8/02 @ 2000.

105.00 Liverpool Pirate Radio (70's Music) 4/8 @ 1304. Mobile/SMS No: 07788 876889


July 2002

There has been very little activity on Merseyside during July mainly because of the RSL's due on: See August)

105.00 Liverpool Pirate Radio. 60's music (7/7 @ 1302)

106.3  Rise FM (Dance) 5/7 @ 0008 Is this an off-shoot of Sound FM?


Sound Fm Raided

Looks like Sound have been raided recently according to their website: 

Last modified by soundfm on Wed May 29 13:02:58 2002 MST.

"Bad news folks. Unfortunatly at some point between Monday 6th May & Friday 10th May Sound FM's broadcasting equipment was seized by the Radio Investigation Services. As such we are currently OFF air.  Our engineers are working to rectify this situation & hope to bring Sound Fm  back to the airwaves very soon indeed.  Keep you ears to 106.3 Fm and your eyes peeled to this website."

87.7 Concept FM 4/6 @ 1900-0120

90.1 Unidentified station heard by Geoff 8/6 @ 2000. Probably Bubblegum FM.

105.00 Liverpool Pirate Radio. Regular weekends including the bank holidays, 3-4 June.

105.9 Central Radio 3/6 @ 1630 + 4/6 @ 1800.

106.2 Unidentified station heard by Geoff playing 'world in motion'. They announced it as 'CFM' but it wasn't very clear.

May 2002

87.7 Concept FM 4/5 @ 0030 + 5/5 @ 1830 + 6/5 @ 1800-0030.

105.9 Central Radio 5/5 @ 1815

106.3 Sound Fm. Regular Saturdays 1200 through to Sundays @ 0000 except when Lazer are on Sound  will close @ 2130.

106.3 Lazer UK 5/5 @ 2045 UTC

7/5/02 10:46:47 AM, Simon from NWMR wrote:

"That thing on 104.7 and Mixology FM 106.5 (both were on for most of the 3 day weekend)

Nothing heard of LPR at all but I did hear him saying last week that the owner  of the garage needed to use it for spraying a car so that might be why LPR wasn't on.

Heard an Irish station on 106.0 yesterday called "News Talk 106", never heard it before, don't know whether it's new or conditions were just better than usual.

Not a pirate but somebody might be interested in Abbey FM on 106.0 from Dalton-in-Furness, Cumbria They're on until the end of the month and might get to some places on Merseyside (Sound, Lazer and Central can be heard round there sometimes). Link frequency is 860.6 MHz but I don't think you'll be getting that very far - it goes from the studio to the repeater site of a TV aerial firm about half a mile away.

I noticed another ILR station has started in Manchester, from Wythenshawe on 97.2 with 20 watts. This follows one in Stoke (or near Stoke) on 101.8 with the same low power. If a pirate was to use 97.2 in Manchester they would be accused of spoiling reception for people who wanted to listen to Rock FM or the Buzz.


They wouldn't even let an RSL use this frequency. Has anybody heard this "Access Wythenshawe" or whatever it's called?


April 2002

Sunday 28 April:

105.00 LPR was heard around 1400 with the new theme, (A Summer Place by Percy Faith).

105.9 Central Central Radio: Brian Grant writes:

 "Central Radio did a successful test transmission on Short Wave today (28/04/02). The transmissions commenced around about 16:40 GMT on the 49m band 6.929mhz and finished around 18:15GMT.

We were also simultaneously transmitting on on 105.9fm.We anticipate to be using both these frequencies over the forthcoming Bank Holiday weekend.

For more information contact JB on the usual numbers...Regards  Brian Grant"

#Nothing heard here on the SW frequency (Ed.)

106.3 Sound FM were also on @ 1400 until 2028 when they closed down to make way for Lazer on the same frequency.

106.3 Lazer UK were on from around 2032 BST with Radar Roy & Ken Wood. At

Midnight they played arecording of Ali G.then closed down at around 0023.

106.3 Sound FM On regular Saturdays & Sundays

105.9 Central 1/4 @ 1330BST. Central did an all day format with Jim Brown, Mark Evans.Rick Dane, Dave Collins, Jean Alexander and Tom Webb, plus the Webb & Brown show.

106.3 Sound FM 1/4 @ 1325 BST

March 2002 Including Easter

Shortwave 49 Metre Band

I have just set up a randon long wire antenna with an ATU and the 49 Metre Band was reasonable on Sat (23/3 @ 1830) but only Laser Hot Hits can be picked up on 6220 Khz.. However, I was able to hear WWCR (Religious Station) on 15685 Khz.quite clearly as was it's Caholic equivelant on 15665Khz..Bulgaria was very strong and noise free an 7550Khz.

6244 Khz. On Sunday (24/3 @ 1202) Just Jolly Roger was audible  with a C&W music prog..

Local FM Pirates

Easter Logs are in the following colours:Good Friday (29/3) RED,  Easter Saturday (30/3) GREEN, Easter Sunday: (31/3) BLUE,

87.7 Concept FM testing 31/3 @ 0020 + 1800

104.7 Central Radio were testing  (24/3 @ 1527) They are planning a return for Easter weekend.Jim Brown also tells me they were on Sat 23/3 @ 1300-1600.

105.00 LPR heard 23/3 @ 1600 with 60's music. Also on (24/3 @ 1528)

105.00 Unidentified Station (playing Stairway To Heaven by Led Zeppelin continuously)  30/3 @ 2156 UTC

104.8 Unidentified Station playing Vangelis etc. (24/3 @ 1830). It was still on at 2045.

105.9 Sound FM: A blank carrier was heard from  22/3 @ 1700. It was modulated at 1715 and it does appear to be Sound FM.   Also on 24/3 @ 1202 but signal is still not upto the usual strength.

105.9 Central Radio (Testing) 29/3 @ 1610 + 30/3 @ 1619

105.9 Lazer UK 31/3 @ 2110

105.00 Liverpool Pirate Radio 30/3 @ 1430 +30/3 @ 1530

106.3 Sound FM  @ (29/3 @ 1638) + 30/3 @ 1615

106.3 Pure FM  7/3 @ 2356, playing 80,s & 90's dance music.

102.2  Pirate FM are back under the name of Pulse FM today (3/3 @ 1833).

Tom Read also sent us these logs from Macclesfield:

Easter Sunday FM, as heard in the hills East of Macclesfield:

87.7  2322-0100+   Concept FM, Webb & Lowe (?), fair signal88.1  24hrs?       Buzz FM, Manchester

105.9  1649 pm      Central (?) tel: 07721 428909, plug for Concept

105.9  2326 BST     Lazer UK, RDS: LAZER_UK, Ken Wood, Radar Roy

106.3  0000 BST     Sound, (either back on channel,or started up again)

106.4  2228 BST     UNID - dance, v.strong (did Sound drift to here?)

106.5  0100 BST     Dimension FM, Telford, better later

106.6  0056 BST     Energy 106, Ireland - difficult with KCR

108.0  until 0005   UNID, Manchester / Liverpool??? - 90s pop/dance

Any more comments / ideas appreciated.  Particularly the stations on 106.4  and 108.0.

Cheers,  Tom Read

Dave Collins Rumour 

The latest on Dave Collins (Pirate FM) is that apparently his appearance on this LBH station has been put back by a week. I know of somebody who emailed LBH and they say they have never heard of him !

 Somebody is lying. I wonder who?

February 2002

102.2  Merseyland Alternative Radio with Bert Williams testing with a 'Moonlight Special'. (27/2 @ 0125) For those of you who missed the Bert Williams 'Chubby Boy' broadcast, it is now available in streaming Real Audio at:

106.3 Unidentified Station playing dance music 27/2 @ 0010.

102.2  continuous music (26/2 @ 2357). This may be Bert Williams messing about but it sounds more like Dave Collins type music, (Trini Lopez, Frankie Howard, George Formby etc.)

 Signal is S2 here which about the same as Pirate FM..

Simon from NWMR wrote: It was on until at least 10pm from before 7pm. That was the first time I've ever heard Bert doing a live show.  He said he might use one of these frequencies next time: 87.9, 88.1, 90.1, 99.8, 102.2, 104.9, 105.8, 106.0,  & 106.3,  That just about covers everything a station could use.

106.3 MAR (Merseyland Alternative Radio)  with Bert Williams doing a skit a Dave Chubby Boy' Collins. Quite witty actually.

105.00 LPR heard (16/2 @ 1650) with the usual format.

 90.1-2  Bubblegum FM  Reggae format

From Simon (NWMR): 5th February 2002

A bit of a quiet weekend with only LPR on 105.0 (best signal ever) and a weak

Sound FM 106.3 on Saturday night.

Dynamite FM was on 106.5 Sunday afternoon, I've heard this in Birkenhead,

Southport and Manchester. Probably Manchester based. 

January. 2002

DX Information from the British DX Club (BDXC-UK).

Southampton Man Fined.  From:

Press Release - 28 January 2002

A man from Southampton has been fined £150 for operating a pirate radio station after pleading guilty at Southampton Magistrates court on Tuesday 22 Hue McClean, 44, of Coxford Drive, Maybush, Southampton was convicted under section 1 (1) of the Wireless Telegraphy Act 1949 for illegally broadcasting his pirate radio station "Peoples Choice" at Millbank House, Southampton on 6 July 1999.

Mr McClean failed to appear in court on 23 March 2000 and a warrant was served for his arrest. Two co-defendants did appear and were fined a total of £600 plus £300 costs. In addition to the fines the court also ordered the stations seized equipment forfeit.

105.00 Liverpool Pirate Radio 27/01 @ 1535 but the signal is weak.

90.1 Bubblegum FM. (27/1/02 @ 1633) It is a Reggae format and is apparently on most of the time.

105.9 Central  are currently on 105.9. (20/1 @ 1718) . They were noted with just a carrier at around 1535 and switched off @ 1600, returning @ 1610 with modulation. They are setting up a mixer in the studio.

 DX Information from the British DX Club (BDXC-UK).>


 Radio Limerick One have received a visit from the ODTR again, Sean O'Farrell reports. Using a warrant obtained at Kilrush Court this morning, the officials forced RLO off the air at 2.30pm. The station have since returned

on two of their frequencies (90.5MHz and 104.4MHz) and have announced that  they will return to their main 105.0MHz frequency soon.

The above information may only be reproduced if full credit is given to

 the original source, contributor AND to the British DX Club (BDXC-UK).

Channel 4 News

There has been a report on Chennel 4 news about pirate radio in the UK

Real Audio and pictures at:

Central are currently on 104.7 (6/1/02 @ 1729

LPR were on till around 1600 on 105

Date:  Mon Dec 31, 2001  7:46 pm

Subject:  Concept 87.7 New Year Scedule

Concept 87.7 New Year Scedule

7:05 Kenny Everett documentary

8:00 Jim Lowe's Fee Radio Bits

8:25 Haloween Highlights

9:00 The Webb & Lowe Christmas Show (Rpt.)

11:00 Jim Lowe's New Year Show with a live link up to Tom Webb.