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Photo Gallery



In the coming weeks there will be anorak type pictures taken by bachelors including pictures of encrusted technology based radio equipment etc



Here is an encrusted method of recording sound. It is a Teleton 5L45 Reel to Reel tape recorder as used in the mid 1960's just before cassettes recorders came on the market



This is a Vega world band radio which originates from the Soviet Union. This definitely qualifies for being encrusted because of the turret switching system for the wavebands.

Here is a particularly encrusted way of producing hot water.  These boilers are used to make Bachelors Special Brew which can be a particularly strong brew of either Tea, Coffee of Chocolate based drinks.  These are an improvement on the old Creda Corvett's which had no cut-out unit and used to produce a noise similar to an accordian.